Hello, all you book obsessed beauties out there!

Just popping in to tell you about a new read I found after joining a cute little ARC group on Facebook! I haven’t ever thought to look at reading groups on Facebook since I read at such a fast pace ( I am the most annoying book club member) but after joining one recently, I decided to search and see what all was out there. What a great resource they have turned out to be!

For those of you wanting to start getting free books in return for honest reviews, it is an excellent place to start! I have been reviewing on Amazon, Goodreads and NetGalley for so long I never felt the need to venture out but I am stoked I did. Self published authors and those working out of tiny independent publishing houses have so much to offer but don’t have the deep pockets to get their literary love child out there. The public misses out on so many great books because we just don’t have access to them! These groups help facilitate that and I think it is wonderful. Now on to my mini review!

My Wolf and Me is the sweet story of a little girl gifted with a wolf pup best friend who grows up and becomes the love of her life. If A Walk To Remember was written as a shifter love story, without the whole depressing-sick-dying-girlfriend aspect, this would be it. I will mention the writing originally caught me a bit off guard because the dialogue is pretty advanced in the beginning. When our narrator is a child, her thoughts didn’t really feel like they fit her age at the time but outside of that small distraction the book was light, sweet and very tasteful. With minimal bad language and very modest sexual content, this read would be awesome for anyone fifteen or older. The plot is original and things progressed at a steady pace. I enjoyed the naivety of the male lead and his gradual growth into maturity. The chemistry between leads was innocent and believable. Easy to read and fairly short, My Wolf and Me, makes for a fun, quick love story that won’t leave you ugly crying or cursing the book gods. I would recommend it to those looking for a HEA sure thing and for those wanting a love story without a ton of complexity.


Disclaimer: I obtained a free copy of this book and offered to provide an honest review.