Review Highlights:

Genre: Teen & Young Adult

Age: 15+

Type: Stand Alone

Recommendation:  Yes! This is both unique and entertaining!

Pages: 400

Price: A little on the high side, $7.99 for the e-copy and $15 for the hardcover .

Summary: +unique plot -vague in parts +interesting character dynamics +an ending I didn’t see coming +well written +fast paced – a bit repetitive


What if you had to relive the same five days over and over?

And what if at the end of it, your boyfriend is killed…

And you have to watch. Every time.

You don’t know why you’re stuck in this nightmare.

But you do know that these are the rules you now live by:

Wake Up.




Now, the only way to escape this loop is to attempt something crazy. Something dangerous. Something completely unexpected. This time…you’re not going to run.

Combining heart-pounding romance and a thrilling mystery Never Apart is a stunning story you won’t soon forget.

Full Review:

After reading the description for Never Apart on NetGalley I knew I had to have it. I love a good YA/Romance novel and I especially like them when they are mixed in with a wee bit of suspense. It is those all-encompassing books that make my world go round and help me relax at the end of the day. I am forever searching for my next obsession, for the next book that will make me lose sleep and wrap me up so tightly that I can’t bear to put it down before it is finished. Someone somewhere was looking out for me because I wished for this gem and my wish was granted! Never Apart  definitely had me intrigued from page one and even though I wasn’t completely enthralled and spent two nights reading this versus one, I have to say I really did enjoy what this book has to offer.

Never Apart follows Grace, the primary character and narrator. She is a senior in high school that has somehow managed to become trapped in a time loop that forever ends in her watching Ander, the love of her life, die before time is reset with a different set of circumstances and she is tortured into trying to change an outcome that remains the same. Every time she “falls” or dies and restarts, her and her love have to find themselves again and attempt to escape their former friend, Finn, who kills them over and over with no explanation. Unsure of how and why she keeps experiencing this, Grace starts to lose touch with her true reality and starts to notice that all the expected things that have occurred the previous forty times she has repeated this cycle, are changing without explanation and leaving her completely lost and terrified. Each time she always lives somewhere different, has a different talent, a different set of friends and family. Each time she and Ander always remember the falls and know exactly what is coming. Each time they fight their way through, only to die at the hands of their friend.

This book was a mystery. I really couldn’t pinpoint what I thought was going on and the ending came as a complete surprise. I will admit, I felt a little underwhelmed with the final result but still, with as much as I read it is rare for me to be genuinely surprised. This book had me mentally running with Grace, trying to figure out why everything was happening. A bit vague in parts, it was difficult to follow with all the flipping back and forth at times. Also, because things were changing so rapidly, the author did sound a bit repetitive.  Overall though, this book was a fun read and I really enjoyed it! If you like suspense and YA with a SMIDGEN of romance, then this book is for you! Never Apart is available on Amazon today!

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