Y’all, can I tell you how excited I am?

I need them to hurry up and make A Court of Thorns and Roses a movie. I usually don’t like the transition to the big screen and find myself almost angry with the author for allowing them to butcher my dream version of all my favorite characters but honestly, I need more Rhysand, Tamblin and Feyre in my life. Like yesterday.

One problem though..I am having the hardest time trying to decide who I would include in my dream cast. I mean, who in the world could actually encompass these characters and not just blow the whole thing by making it look cheesy?  I thought the Mortal Instruments Series was a decently good read but watching the TV show made me want to bang my head against something hard and throw my e-reader. It is so bad. 

I feel like the cast would have to be full of brand new, never before seen actors/actresses. I seriously doubt it will happen, they usually want to stick one or two well-known faces in there to hype up the movie and increase revenue.

Here are a few faces that crossed my mind and feel like perhaps they would be some what believable in the roles to come. I don’t have everyone fit of course, these are just some of the key players. I realize that all of these choices are pretty well-known but I am just trying to work with what I’ve got!

Lets start with the biggest of all:


#1 Choice: Cara Delevingne

Now, I know what you are thinking.. or maybe it what I am thinking but still..there is no way a big name super known actress can pull this off. We need a clean slate, someone who can shape this character and make it her own but hear me out.. Cara Delevingne has two traits that are pretty hard to find and a must for our girl Feyre. She can look innocent, lost and out of her element.. but she can also look like one fierce bitch when she needs to. She is both beautiful dressed up but also can pull off ordinary with the best of them. PLUS she isn’t really type cast at this point, at least not that I can tell and isn’t TOO famous to ruin it for us. Put Kristen Stewart in this role and I WILL REBEL.

Ok, I would still probably watch it but I would have to be incredibly intoxicated to do it.

I loved her in:

Two runner ups:

Emilia Clarke

Because she can do bad in a really good way. Can be fierce and soft at the same time, PLUS she would look fantastic when she becomes.. you know..<3

I loved her in:

Sophie Turner

Because the hair. The eyes. She is only known for GOT, even though she is the young Jean Grey in X-Men. Not sure about her ability to be sexy but she is gorgeous.

I loved her in:


This is perhaps the hardest one for me. It has to be someone I love to hate and then just hate. He has to be attractive and scary and impossible all at the same time.  Here is the best I have come up with so far..and yes I am aware they have all been in several movies but I just can’t think of anyone else!

# 1 Choice: Chris Pine

Because he is attractive, can be  intimidating and I think his face could handle the CGI required to turn him into Tamblin’s beast form. He also has super expressive eyes that would hold the emotions in that Tamblin is supposed to have.

I loved him in:

Runner ups:

Orlando Bloom

Because hello, he may be a bit older than the female leads but that face. Plus, I know he is super type cast and overworked but still.. that face..

I loved him in:

Benedict Cumberbatch

 Because I love him. But seriously the man can be scary and twisted and unassuming and that is part of Tamblin. Did I mention I love him? #cumberbitches

I loved him in:


#1 Choice: James McAvoy

Because Lucien is pretty much Tamblin’s right hand. A really, really frustrating one that can’t make his flippen mind up on whether to have the balls to do whats right or just whatever Tamblin wants. So, I envision McAvoy to be someone who can pull off being tied between two ways of thinking, rough enough to pull off Lucien’s job and yet, has eyes that will show the emotional expressions that are promised in the final book in the ACOTAR series.

I loved him in:

Nicholas Hoult

Yes he is a little too pretty BUT he can be roughed up a bit. Maybe more facial hair?

I loved him in:

Tell me your thoughts! I will be publishing part two next week and I would LOVE some suggestions! Here is to hoping they get it right! If you have not yet read A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, you need to get it immediately, I mean what are you doing with your life?

Below are links to the complete series ( WHICH YOU NEED) or the individual first book to get you started.

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