Review Highlights:

Genre: YA, Fantasy/Science Fiction

Age: 17+

Type: Series, there are three books that make up the Kricket Series. 

Recommendation: Absolutely! I loved Kricket & this is a win of a series.

Pages: 300ish

Price: Free with Kindle Unlimited, $4.99 for the e-copy.

Summary: + strong, smart and witty heroine. – disappointing love triangle -disappointing ending + continuous action + steady/fast pace + detailed world building -incredibly slow at first +unique plot +complex characters


Kricket Hollowell never wished upon stars. She was too busy hiding in plain sight, eluding Chicago’s foster care system. As her eighteenth birthday approaches, she now eagerly anticipates the day she’ll stop running and finally find her place in the world.

That day comes when she meets a young Etharian soldier named Trey Allairis, who has been charged with coming to Earth to find Kricket and transport her to her true home. As danger draws close, he must protect her until she can wield the powers she cannot use on Earth…and he soon realizes that counting a galaxy of stars would be easier than losing this extraordinary girl.

Kyon knows the powerful depths of Kricket’s gifts—gifts he’ll control when he takes her for his tribe and leads the forces that will claim Ethar and destroy his enemies, starting with Trey Allairis. Now, Kricket faces the most difficult choice of her life: whether to wage a battle for survival or a fight for love.

Winner of four 2014 utopYA Awards, including Best Book of the Year and Best Sci-Fi Book of the Year.

Full Review:

If you are looking for a new book series that focuses on the heroine and her strengths vs. just how swoon worthy the male leads are, this one is for you. Don’t get me wrong there is plenty of swoonage ( eh, even where I don’t want there to be) but it isn’t the sole focus. I just love Kricket, she is probably one of my favorite heroines ever. She is strong, sassy, stands up for herself and is fearless. She takes no crap and sacrifices for the people she loves. I had never read anything by Amy Bartol prior to finding this book, so I didn’t really know what to expect. When she describes Kricket as extraordinary in her blurb, she is telling the truth. She built her so well and made her so multifaceted that you find yourself trying to anticipate her next move while reading but fail miserably because Bartol manages to catch you off guard even when you think you know whats going on. The down side to this is, when she makes CERTAIN CHOICES that you can’t get your head around, it incites a bit of anger because it feels like her character wouldn’t let that happen. You know it is written well when you yell out loud ” WHAT! Girl, NO!”. Seriously.

With detailed world building and an excellent cast of characters, The Kricket Series, brings you danger, love, suffering, turmoil, happiness, romance and despair. It gives you all the feels. The pace is awesome (once you manage to get back the first chapter), continuous and remains steady throughout.  Trey and Kyon are both so different and yet, they both manage to make coax emotions and understanding out of you even with completely bogus choices. I am not crazy about love triangles but honestly, this one isn’t the worst. I do not understand choices that Kricket made in the third book but I am guessing that her pure emotional despair created a lingering hopelessness in her that drove her to make hard choices. The ending blew. Not going to lie. It was not what I was hoping for. I need Bartol to write a fourth book and give me what I want! ( Probably isn’t going to happen but still!) Despite the ending, this series is going down as one of my favorites! Hence, the Series Spotlight category. Only my favorites get the spotlight!

If you have Kindle Unlimited, there is NO reason for you not to pick this up. Just do it. You won’t regret it ( until the last chapter anyway).

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Disclaimer: I obtained a copy of this book via Kindle Unlimited. I volunteered to write an honest review.