Review Highlights:

Genre: New Adult, Paranormal/Fantasy

Age: 18+

Type: Series, there are four main books and one novella in the Darkness Series.

Recommendation: Absolutely! There is a quite a bit of content in this series but it is a great read!

Pages:  Books 1-4 average anywhere from 300 to 400 pages each.

Price: Great, free with Kindle Unlimited or $2.99 each. Book four is $3.99

Summary: +awesome heroine + sexy love interest + great plot + well written +expected but fulfilling end +some unexpected plot twists + detailed world building +multi-dimensional characters


Freak. Witch. Crazy. Schizo.

Ember Brycin has always known she’s different. After finding her mother brutally murdered, her mind begins to see things that shouldn’t exist. The more she feels her sanity slipping, the more bizarre and inexplicable things constantly happen around her.

When the latest school explosion lands her in a facility for troubled youth, she meets Eli Dragen—a hot as hell, darkly mysterious, bad boy from a notorious biker gang. Their connection is full of passion, danger, and secrets. Secrets that will destroy her life and lead her down a path she could never imagine.

A pawn in a war between the Fae.

In the middle of Light and Dark, Ember finds another world where truth and knowledge are power and no one can be trusted.

No one.

Full Review:

This series is right up my alley y’all! Going into the first installment Darkness of Light, I was looking for something with a little kick. A strong heroine, a dangerous love interest and a plot that would keep me on my toes and guess what? That is exactly what I got! I read this series in like two days! Choosing to read instead of engaging in some hard-earned mom sleep at night, I devoured this series and had the saddest book hangover after finishing it.

This series follows Ember, a seemingly regular girl who knows she isn’t normal and has a hard time hiding it. When her emotions get heated, especially when she is protecting her friends, things explode, disaster follows and she has no idea why. After getting kicked out of school, Ember is sent to a school for troubled kids and meets Eli Dragen, a mysterious dark and delicious bad boy who also seems to find himself on the wrong side of the law. Things between them go from being ice-cold to scorching hot and everywhere in between. Definitely not love at first sight. They fight their attraction HARD. So hard, it gets a tad bit annoying and over worked in some parts but overall plays out just the way I like it.  When looking for a book boyfriend, I tend to like my guys a little on the douche side if I am being honest. I like them hard to get to but  fierce and completely smitten once they are tamed. Probably because my husband is a total angel and the only place I will tolerate any kind of douchebaggery is in the pages of my books.  Ember and Eli eventually discover the connection between them and set off on a roller coaster ride of action, emotion and sexy romps in the woods.

I loved all four books equally but decided not to indulge in the fifth. I tend to fall in book love with one group of characters and have a hard time branching out for novellas etc.  All the characters in this series are well-built. Not all as robust as Eli and Ember but all have a decent back story and each entices a different emotion from the reader. The world building is detailed, you know what is going on as the story progresses and aren’t left out in the cold guessing how the pieces fit. Definitely for older audiences, this book contains language, violence and detailed sex scenes. Not written like erotica but definitely spicy enough to make you re-think skipping over your nightly antacid. One thing I really enjoyed about this book is the concept of what Ember and Eli are. It isn’t overworked and pretty original.  If you are looking for a good series, where won’t have to wait for your ending, I really suggest this one!

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Disclaimer: I obtained a copy of this book on my own via Kindle Unlimited and volunteered to write an honest review