Review Highlights:

Genre: Non-fiction, short story

Age: 15+

Type: Stand-alone with a twist! It is entitled Life with Brandy Book 1, so there are more promised!

Recommendation: Yes. Just get your dang tissues out.

Price: Great. This is available on Kindle Unlimited and only .99 to buy!

Pages: 15

Summary: + emotionally charged +has all the feels + great writing -could use a little editing


This book is about the relationship that I nearly had with my dad and finding him a week too late. We had a very absent father daughter relationship my entire life and yet it was only after he died that I felt like I could really get to know him. This is our story.

Full Review:

I haven’t read anything like this before. I stumbled upon this book after a friend of a friend posted on her Facebook that she had written her first book. I went into this knowing that what it was about and that I was going to be reading something that was real, not made up and not my usual work of fiction. Finding Calvin is the raw, untold story of author Brandy Valdez’s wounds and her internal pain driven by the unsatisfactory relationship with her father. After reading this, I found myself in tears. Not because it is something I am familiar with but, because the way she tells her story feels like a conversation between friends. Like a post emotional break down catharsis of sorts, that is shared intimately in a moment of passion. I wanted to hug her.

This short story manages to summarize her entire relationship with her father in fifteen pages.  It discusses let down after let down and takes you with Ms. Valdez from the build up of renewed hope, and back down into the dark when that hope fizzles out.  Being self-published, this story contains a few editing errors. I notice that most self-pub books do, and in a way it adds to their charm. I recommend this short story to anyone who has felt the disappointment associated with a less than present parent, or anyone who is working through pain and frustration from losing someone right as their journey to find them came to a close. Just get your tissues ready, this hits you right in the feels.

One unique and endearing idea that Ms. Valdez shared with me when I contacted her after reading this, is that she is going to intermittently release excerpts from her fathers journal via twitter and her personal blog Life with Brandy. She made it apparent to me that her biggest goal with this story was to help anyone going through a similar situation.



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Disclaimer: I obtained a copy of this book via Kindle Unlimited and volunteered to write an honest review.