Review Highlights:

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Age: 18+

Type: Stand alone

Recommendation: Not really. If you don’t mind plot holes, and a few WTF moments then this book might be for you.

Pages: 252

Price: Decent, free on Kindle Unlimited or $4.99 via Amazon for Kindle.

Summary: – predictable +strong alpha male -/+overly graphic sex scenes that read like erotica ( they used the C word.. I just can’t) -plot holes -poor world building +/- pleasant but needy heroine +moves at a good speed -seen it before



I’m a lone wolf, and I like it that way. Banished from my birth pack after a bloodbath, I never wanted a mate. Then I meet Kylie. My temptation. We’re trapped in an elevator together, and her panic almost makes her pass out in my arms. She’s strong, but broken. And she’s hiding something.

My wolf wants to claim her. But she’s human, and her delicate flesh won’t survive a wolf’s mark. I’m too dangerous. I should stay away. But when I discover she’s the hacker who nearly took down my company, I demand she submit to my punishment. And she will.

Kylie belongs to me.

Publisher’s Note:  Alpha’s Temptation is a stand-alone book in the Bad Boy Alphas series. HEA guaranteed, no cheating. This book contains a hot, demanding alpha wolf with a penchant for protecting and dominating his female. If such material offends you, do not buy this book.

Full Review:

After seeing the cover of Alpha’s Temptation on NetGalley, my first thoughts were, oh my. A paranormal romance, a strong alpha and a little sexy time on the side, how can I go wrong? Well, after reading it, apparently there are quite a few ways.
Before I start naming them off, I will say that I was definitely drawn to certain parts of the writing. I am not sure if it was one or both of the authors but, I could definitely feel two different styles going on in this book. It kept me enticed long enough to finish it completely, but it really could have been excellent if a little more detail was put into it.

Let’s start with the plot ya? So, this story follows Kylie, an elite hacker who just hit the jackpot. The leading security company in America wants to interview her for a position, and it just so happens that the CEO of that same company is SUPER hot and SUPER single. This delicious bazillionare, who is a hacker himself, also happens to be a lone wolf who can never forget how he was bested by a hacker several years ago named Catgirl. Who is Catgirl you ask? Kylie of course! This story follows Kylie the ever demanding/dominating alpha CEO Jackson, as their relationship progresses and they deal with the issues thrown at them.

The idea of a hacker having the balls (girl balls in this case) to go interview at a company she literally broke the law by hacking into, is interesting. It is a great idea! The fact that the CEO is a lonely, horny, dominating werewolf? Even better! The problem for me was how the writing left everything to be so simple and immediate. There is no forethought into the characters actions. There is no emotion or investment that the reader feels. Not to mention the writing style during the sex scenes left little to be desired for me. Call me old-fashioned but I find nothing sexy about the C word being used to describe the female genitalia. The story progresses at a really good rate but as mentioned before, the character reactions and feelings are instantaneous. There is no build up. I won’t get into it because I believe in spoiler free reviews but the ending was completely unbelievable. All wrapped up in a little bow, with little explained.

Both Kylie and Jackson are one-dimensional characters. I did enjoy the more dominating parts of Jackson but I was unable to connect with him because his inner dialogue was SO repetitive. He also didn’t really exhibit any brute strength like you would expect when being animalistic ( is that even a word?) is supposed to be a key feature in how he is built. The book felt like the authors were going for a PNR version of Fifty Shades of Grey but were unable to execute it. The end was complete, so no cliffhanger! But as mentioned earlier it wasn’t all that believable. Although I was entertained, unfortunately, this book was not really for me.



I obtained a copy of this book via NetGalley and volunteered to give an honest review.