I am not a beauty blogger.

I really wish I had the know-how to be one but unfortunately my wheel house is more books, coffee and kid throw-up.

After having my twins, I was really down on myself because not only did I never have the time to actually get showered, do makeup or even put on deodorant half the time, my skin also changed. I went from combination skin to dry.. like desert dry. Everything in my drawer is powder. You know what happens when you mix super dry skin with powder? You look OLD…and it is depressing.

A friend of mine started posting on Facebook about how she loved her makeup regimen and how beautiful she felt. I just kept thinking great, another person selling makeup that is going to flood my news feed with posts about crap I can’t even afford.  Alas, later that week, while trying not to nod off during my 4 am feeding with the twins, I clicked on her link and started sniffing around her group page to find out what it is all about.

I am so flippin’ glad that I did.

I have never been able to do anything fancy with my makeup. Ever. Like, I am talking foundation, powder and blush. Top it off with some mascara and that is pretty much all I knew how to do. After watching her live video ( like a week after it was posted) I thought, what the hell? I could do that. Maybe. I started bombarding her with questions and eventually took the plunge and spent the cash ( less than a hundred!) for four shades of makeup, a brush and a sponge AKA a HaC pack. I watched her video again, went to my mirror and went to town.

I haven’t felt this good about myself in a long time.

I tend to be an introvert so direct sales is NOT something I have ever been comfortable with before. This makeup, this company and all it’s products are so body positive and encouraging that I decided that perhaps someone else out there needed a pick me up like I did. Something to take their already natural beauty and highlight it, not cover it up. If you are wanting to simplify your morning makeup routine, decrease your time spent getting ready every day or just change it up a bit, I really encourage you to check out Maskcara.

You can find out more about them here: Maskcara Beauty

The best part? You can color match via selfie! You don’t even need to put on pants!

Here is a quick video explaining how to HaC:  Easy Highlight and Contour

If you have Facebook, you can join my group Illuminated Beauty

for freebies and contests!

If you want to order enter artist ID: 4107 and party # 6591.

Please comment if you have any questions! I would love to introduce you to something that could change your life like it has mine!