Review Highlights:

Genre: Paranormal Romance ( Felt more YA to me though)

Age: 18+

Type: Series, this is book one in the Tangled Realms series.

Recommendation: Right in the middle for me, so I remain undecided. There are parts that I didn’t fancy but overall it was interesting.

Pages: 342

Price: Free on Kindle Unlimited, $3.99 to purchase the e-copy.

Summary: +interesting plot +strong heroine with a decent back story -unclear audience -weak ending/cliffhanger +/- OK world building -shallow at times -one-dimensional in parts



A year ago, I was attacked by werewolves. I’ve hated their kind ever since.


Now, I’m being told I’m one of them. That Jules, a tortured, gothic werewolf prince, is my soul mate and that I may one day rule over a werewolf pack.


Not how I saw my life going, but fighting my destiny isn’t an option. Neither is ignoring the powerful connection I feel to Jules.
But facing my future is going to be dangerous when not all of my pack wants me around.

Full Review:

Forever Violet is the first installment in the Tangled Realms series and, to be honest, I was not impressed. This book had all the things necessary to make it a great read but the author didn’t really bring them all together completely.  Before I get ahead of myself, let me go into a bit more detail what this book is about.

This story follows Lake, an orphan girl who one day for no apparent reason is attacked and seriously assaulted by a group of rogue werewolves. In her realm, the common realm( there are a total of six of them), supernaturals exist and people are aware of them. They are deemed to be safe because it order to be there the powers they have are bound. Usually because they decided to do something naughty and have been exiled there as punishment. During the attack, she is saved by a vampire. Always an outcast, Lake befriends her savior, Legend, and goes about her normal routine. Right before Legend’s exile is up, Lake begins to once again receive threats because somehow the animals that hurt her before know that soon she will be without anyone to defend her.

Here is where the cheese starts. Legend gets Lake a day pass ( lol, silly right?) to go through the portal to his realm to see if they can find out who these baddies are and what they want with her. OF COURSE they go straight to a night club and a sexy piece of supernatural man meat is waiting there for her and INSTANTLY recognizes her as the long-lost love who disappeared so long ago. This story follows her through her journey of self discovery and the oh so dirty feelings she has for Jules, the aforementioned man meat.

These aren’t spoilers! They are in the description!

Now onto this review business! Let’s start from the top down eh? The genre listed for the book is a paranormal romance. Yes, there is romance in this book but it feels more young adult than a pure love story. The target audience is confusing. The way this story is written, the actual complexity of the language and the dialogue feels very young…like pre-teen young. The content, however, completely disagrees! There is sex, violence and a lot of language in this book. I have never read Jessica Sorensen before, maybe this is a norm for her but it really caught me off guard. The world building is mediocre at best. There isn’t hardly any detail and explanation of the other five realms. No clue about the hierarchy other than what I can infer from reading about a billion shifter books before. The main character Lake is decently well-built but all the others are one-dimensional and lack luster. One of my main issues with this book is that the content is heavy but the writing doesn’t really encourage an emotional response. It is just so FLAT. I did enjoy the plot, it was interesting but the pace started to move very slow mid way through and stayed that way until the end. Not only that but the cheese factor was really high in parts. Yes, I know his eyes turn violet..please quit telling me over and over. All in all, this book was entertaining for me but almost too on the immature side for me to finish. There was a cliffhanger, but it didn’t inspire me to go out and stalk the web until I found out the next release date.

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