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Genre: Contemporary Fantasy/Paranormal

Age: 17+

( There is a decent amount of violence and some sexual situations.)

Type: Series, this is book one in the Fear University series. There are currently four books out.

Recommendation: Yes, this book is interesting and contains some unique ideas.

Price: Great, because it’s 99 cents on Kindle. ( Not unlimited). The rest of the series is a bit more pricey. They each are $2.99 each for the e-copy. Paperback is more expensive at $13.00.

Pages: 343

Summary: + interesting female main + great main character back story + unique villain/monsters – corny at times +good dynamic between mains -/+ decent world building + good cover art +/- cliffhanger.


I’ve always known I was a monster, and I don’t mean some teenage vampire shit either.

My mother abandoned me when I was ten years old because I have a freakish mutant disease that makes me incapable of feeling pain. I bounced from one foster family to another because too many people like to test my medical condition in a game of “Try To Make Ollie Scream.” At sixteen, I killed a man for taking that game too far.

Two years later, I’m still on the run in Kodiak, Alaska. Here, I’m the most dangerous person around, until I come face to face with a creature that should only exist in folklore. The monster is an aswang, and I, with my medical anomaly, am uniquely qualified to hunt the beast that haunts the night. At least, that’s what the two scarred, mostly crazy ’swang hunters tell me when they kidnap me and take me to Fear University, a school where young students learn to hunt and kill aswangs.

I arrive at the university a prisoner, but I stay because I finally find my freedom.

For once in my life, I belong. I’m needed. I make a home for myself inside the university masquerading as an old Alaskan prison. Something close to happiness warms my icy heart when I’m with my scarred, still mostly crazy tutor, Luke Aultstriver. For a murdering runaway like me, Fear University is a haven where I can put my skills to good use hunting monsters in the night.

But when certain truths come to light and even more lies are exposed, I fear that I, Ollie Andrews, am the worst kind of monster of all. And, maybe, they should be hunting me.

Full Review:

Let’s be honest: Fear University is a bit corny for a title BUT please don’t let it dissuade you from picking it up!

This is the first time I have ever read Meg Collett. To be honest, the cover art snagged my attention but the title threw me off. I mean really? Is this going to be ANOTHER Vampire Academy? Another teenage angst filled, not-so-love story that ends with someone dying and leaving a lasting impression? Luckily, I got over my initial hesitancy because this book really did offer an interesting and action packed read.

This story starts off with the introduction to our leading lady Ollie. She is one tough cookie. Born with a disorder that negates her ability to feel pain, Ollie has been used and abused most of her life. Left for the system as a child by her mother, with no idea who her father is, she has learned the hard way how to stay alive. I love that she has a back bone. This girl is no regular damsel in distress. 

One night after walking down an alley she probably shouldn’t have been walking solo down, she is confronted by a giant dog looking creature that tries to kill her. Not only does she see it, she hears it. Even though she was caught off guard, she is able to fight it, kill it and walk away. Unfortunately, her little episode is witnessed by two guys who were there to kill the monster. Hunters, as they call themselves, are a group of people who have a little supernatural kick that are born and bred to kill aswangs. What are aswangs you ask? Well just shadow creatures that eat your fear and then slowly devour you. Super fun huh? After her run in with both the aswang and the hunters, Ollie is taken against her will back to Fear University, a place dedicated to training hunters and killing aswangs. This story follows her journey from being an outsider to discovering who she is and all the craziness that happens in between.

This book was a fun read for me. I really enjoyed Ollie and her dynamic with Luke and Hatter. The pace of the book is pretty quick, the world building decent and Ollie is definitely a complex character. The rest of the characters in the book are less complicated but fit well within the group. There are definitely some original ideas and a few twists and turns. Using a monster from Philippine folklore was also nice because I hadn’t even heard of it before! The price is just right and there are three additional books to binge on if you so desire. The dialogue is funny and even though it is mature, it isn’t filthy. 

I love that word. 

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Disclaimer: I obtained a copy of this book for free from Amazon and volunteered to provider an honest review.