Book Review Highlights:

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Age: 15+

Type: Stand alone, hoping for a series.

Recommendation: Yes, it is both original and interesting!

Price: Great, it is available on Kindle Unlimited and under $6.00 if purchased. It is also free on matchbook.

Pages: 239

Summary: +strong male lead +great writing style – decent world building +/- interesting but infuriating end +developed characters +great chemistry + original aspects of plot.


If you can see them, you’re already dead. If you can hear them, you’re not far from it. If you can smell them, like the forest they live in, avoid danger at all conceivable costs.
Because they’re the monsters in the shadows of Harvey Hill’s forests, and their king needs his queen.

Charlotte and her burning red hair is a sight to behold. Though every bit as feisty as her sharp green eyes, but she’s weary of the beasts that roam at night… of werewolves and unspoken beasts that threaten to abduct you, never to be seen again. After all, here in Harvey’s Hill, when the clock strikes ten, you best be inside, praying to the moon that the monsters pretend you’re not there.

Yet, speeding down a highway late one night, she makes a grave—nay, fatal—mistake.

Gabe saw those same smoldering embers that same night. Bloody and limp yet scathingly beautiful, her small but defiant voice burns through his soul. He reaches out, aching to claim her, but she knows her runes against beasts like him, and she isn’t going down without a goddamn fight. But the King of Beasts always gets what he wants, and so he drags her away to be his forever… or so he thought.

Just when love and passion take its course, odd things starts happening. Sinister things are in the works. And when Charlotte and Gabe find their bond broken, everything falls apart… maybe even their sanity.

What are the secrets of this strange, strange town? When death is hot on her heels, will Charlotte escape? Will the king ever get to claim his queen?

Be captivated by this dark tale of undying love that defies the paranormal in Jamiee Lynne’s new book, King of Beasts.

Full Review:

First thing I have to mention about this book is the writing. From an outside point of view but so well done it almost feels surreal. I usually don’t connect particularly well with that style but that is certainly not the case with this book. Reading the blurb, I was unsure of how I would enjoy it because it sounds more on the dark side as opposed to being more action/romance focused. I was more than pleasantly surprised by what I found. The plot of this book is original for the most part. I mean it is about shifters so of course it contains some of the more common themes but the other aspects it introduces to the reader are pretty awesome. The King of Beasts is a very well-built characters. He is strong, passionate and loyal. The female lead Charlotte is also complex and their dynamic is enthralling. I wish that Charlotte wasn’t so breakable but then again that is part of the role she plays. This book could have easily gone into creepy territory with the idea of kidnapping random girls. Luckily as mentioned before, the writing really held it together and created clarity out of suspicion and superstition.

The world building could use some more detail. There are certain things I felt it was lacking that would have improved on the readers overall understanding of the world where this story takes place. We find out little tid bits about Charlotte and the town elders but not the whole story. The reader finds out the “who” but never the “what”. The gradual progression of the love story and the respect that is given toward females is totally appreciated. The ending however.. is open. There is no sequel mentioned and the book is not labeled as a series. IT BETTER BE ADDING ANOTHER BOOK!

All in all I really enjoyed this story and would definitely read something else written by Jamiee Lynne.


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Disclaimer: I obtained a copy of this book from Kindle Unlimited and volunteered an honest review.