Book Review Highlights:

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Age: 18+

Type: Stand alone, but there are some released bonus chapters. I wouldn’t mind reading more about these characters in series form!

Recommendation: Yes! I actually really liked this book.

Pages: 481

Price: Good. It is available on Kindle Unlimited or $5.31 to purchase.

Summary: – multiple/confusing POV + intriguing dynamic between Noah and Scarlett + strong alpha male + continuous action -rushed last chapter +original ideas  -trigger topics


“I don’t know which is worse—having your mate die or having them reject you.”

Shortly after reaching maturity, Scarlett finds her mate… only to face a painful rejection that threatened to cut her life short. No one told Scarlett reaching maturity would hurt this much, but she came out the other end stronger, braver, smarter, and a little less naïve.

Seeking to pick up the torn pieces, she leaves her pack for a town well away from her home, far away from her ex-mate who just can’t let her go even after claiming someone else.

All seems well until she wanders into Alpha Noah’s territory and she finds an unfortunate blessing. The Goddess has given her another chance at a mate—only it has to be with Noah, a demon wolf plagued by his own dark past. With tainted hands and a shattered heart that almost drove him to madness once more, he has turned ice-cold.

Their wounded souls push and pull, but some things just won’t heal. Rogues have been ravaging their world, and in a war where hundreds of lives have been lost, revenge is all that’s left.

Is the Goddess playing a cruel game this time? When utter carnage surrounds her, will Scarlett’s inner luna rise to the challenge? Will Noah ever get to claim her as her mate?

In a world where families are pitted against families and bonds are severed as soon as they are formed, there are no guarantees.

Full Review:

The first thing that caught my eye about His To Claim is the blurb. Most shifter books contain stories about mates that are absolute and there is never a happy ending if the characters lose their one true love. This book offers more. New and unique, His To Claim, features Scarlett, a girl who survives the unimaginable: being rejected by the only person who is supposed to love her without hesitation. The twin to her soul. Not only is she rejected by her mate, the wolf in question then becomes alpha and pretty much refuses to leave her alone even though he chose someone else! Total crap right?

His To Claim is told from multiple point of views. Most are easily recognizable but when they suddenly switch to lesser known characters and even one that is never mentioned before previously it gets confusing. I actually took a minute to stop and go wait did I miss her? Did I speed read over the chapter that mentioned her? With that being said, the writing is otherwise well done and clear. Charlotte and Noah area both very complex and react consistently to their surroundings. The world building is descriptive and the action is continuous.  There could definitely be more back story for the antagonist and his posse. I was a little unclear about his motives throughout the stories progression.

This book is definitely for 18+. It has some trigger scenes that are for mature eyes only. I really enjoyed the ending despite it feeling rushed.

There are a few bonus chapters available but no sequel. Let’s hope the author feels inspired to write another one!

Disclaimer: I obtained this book from Kindle Unlimited and volunteered to write a review.

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