Review Highlights:

Genre: Fantasy, YA

Age: 16+

Type: Series, a novella in the Faerie Song Trilogy.  

Recommendation: Yes, but I am bitter and I will tell you why.

Pricing: Good, $3.99 on Amazon 

Pages: 240

Summary: + follows Zanthiel -slow -minimal issue resolution +an interesting look into the relationship dynamic + get to see story behind big events in book one and two. 


What happens when the hunter becomes the prey?

In a twisted game of following impossible clues to ceaseless dead-ends, The Shadow Faerie Zanthiel is forced to search for the girl he let go. Lorelei may be out of his life, but she’s never far from his mind with the prophecy pulling them together. They both feel it, yet they both have reason to fight it. He might not be able to have her, but no force in this world, or any other will stop him from saving her. Time is running out, and Zanthiel has only a fraction of it left to find her, before those hunting her do.

But finding Lorelei could mean losing so much more. Past, present and future are about to collide. Vows are fractured. Friendships severed. And a truce among enemies revoked. Will the prophecy that binds them together be what breaks them in the end?


Delve into the world of Shadow. Interwoven with flashes from his past, retrace the defining moments in Zanthiel’s life and see how the darkest of the Shadow Fey became the infamous dark Prince.

Full Review:

I am a girl who loves a magical love story. Even more, I love a story that combines action, an underdog, a bad guy turned good and a strong heroine. Mix all of those with a love story and you have my perfect recipe for a story worth investing in. Michele Barrow-Belisle brought me all of those and more when I was introduced to Fire and Ice and then later Bittersweet. I completely dig the dynamic between Lorelei and Zanthiel and I love to hate Adruis. Just to be fair, this is book three in a series so if you haven’t read the above mentioned books… beware because there are some details I will spill that are in the first two books.

Now, I was blessed with copies of both the first and second book in this series but hadn’t heard anything about the third book. One day when I was doing my routine search for books in a series that I have been waiting on, I found this book! To say I was excited doesn’t quite cover my elation. I was so excited in fact that I didn’t notice that it was a novella, not a third book. I went into this book thinking it was the final book in the trilogy. Usually when reading a novella, it is a prequel or a spin-off, not usually a continuation. That is what felt weird for me on this one. This is a continuation picking up after book two but only through Zanthiel’s point of view. I was completely outraged after finishing the book and then felt super silly when I realized that it wasn’t an official third book. I think perhaps I would have been more receptive to this book if it was released after the third book, not before it.

Freeze offers both a flashback and current progression of the story line. The story is open-ended, there is limited interaction between Zanthiel and our girl Lorelei and perhaps the most frustrating for me, it progresses incredibly slow. I enjoyed the insight into how Zanthiel feels and what the key events looked like through his eyes. I know that the book is probably aimed at showing his softer side but I felt like it made him a little less bad ass. I can completely appreciate the fact that I get more of the characters, I just felt a little let down with the actual product.  I know the third book will be awesome, because there will be an actual resolution to the story and I will get an answer on who gets the girl!

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Disclaimer: I obtained this book on my own and volunteered to complete a review.