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Review Highlights:

Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction

Age: 14+

Type: Series, this is book three in the Twelfth Keeper series.

Recommendation: I would recommend If you enjoyed the first two books, but only because I love Kennedy and Nix so much.

Pricing: OK, it is $3.99 on kindle

 Pages: An indecent 175

Summary: -too short – too little interaction between mains – drawn out plot + some further developed relationships -uninspired


Book three of the TWELFTH KEEPER series:

One keeper down. Eleven to go.

Kennedy Mitchell has just survived an alien attack, but at what cost? The world still isn’t safe. The keepers still aren’t strong enough to defend it. The people still have no idea how much is at stake.

The Department of Extraterrestrials is planning an important mission, one that means seeking the help of another planet in order to save theirs. Kennedy is reluctant to leave at such a critical time, but her role in the mission is essential to its success. With everyone she loves still at risk, she’s willing to do anything to find the key to survival.

Even if that means crossing the universe.


Full Review:

I hate waiting. I am one of the most impatient readers who has ever lived. When I first read The Twelfth Keeper and I met Kennedy and Phoenix, it was love at first page. The love story is cute, the action interesting and the characters original. When Across the Universe was released I devoured it and fell further into my hopeless devotion to both Nix and Kennedy and was left with a huge void. After hearing Ocean of Stars was finally being released I squeee’ d for joy because I had waited for like two years…but to be honest, after reading it I am no better off than I was before.

Why? Because what I got after waiting for so long was a short, minimally detailed continuation that once again is left open for an additional book. There is minimal interaction between the two mains ( which is the largest focus of the first two books) and a plot line further dragged on without much excitement. I hate to be so harsh but I am just SO disappointed.

Despite my reaction and personal feelings the book itself makes an easy read. It is short and written clearly. As mentioned before the plot is thin and feels ( to me) like the author is just attempting to find a way to drag it out to  a fourth book. The soul is missing from this work and it felt uninspired, which is quite the contrary to the first two. They are light and fun and full of teen angst that speaks to your inner wild child. This one did not.

To be honest, I am still holding out hope that Malory will pull off something spectacular in the fourth book. I enjoyed the first two so much I am more than willing to overlook the third. I just hope she gives these two characters the time they deserve.

Disclaimer: I purchased this book myself and chose to provide an honest review.

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