Review Highlights:

Genre: Sports Romance ( MMA)

Age: 18+

Type: Series, this is book three in the Oni Fighters, Seth and Sophia’s story.

Recommendation: I am right in the middle with this one. I wouldn’t read it again but I was able to complete it without too much difficulty.

Pricing: $4.99 on Kindle, anything under ten bucks for a book now a days is good.

Pages: 422

Summary: -weak male lead -superficial characters without a whole lot of a depth + consistent and simple plot -annoying female lead +descriptive and sexy -predictable


How does something so right suddenly go so wrong? Maybe because fate is an evil bitch. 

Seth Harris was Onigashima Fighters resident womanizer, party animal and good time guy. He was just as quick with a joke as he was with his fists in the cage. Fast and loose—that’s the way he liked to play it in all aspects of his life. Was that the real Seth or a carefully crafted façade?

Sophia Sommers knew her looks were what everyone noticed first—until she threw a kick punch combination. Few realised, her real gifts were determination, courage and adaptability. Her course was clear and charted…until she let Seth Harris under her guard.

One night— two actions. That’s all it takes to set off a chain reaction that changes the course of their lives. 

What happens when fate intervenes and leaves them both reeling, with nothing more than hazy memories of how they landed in their new and terrifying reality?

Will these two very different people accept the challenge fate has dealt them? Or will their inner demons convince them to walk away from a fight harder than they’ve ever faced before?

They must first accept—The hardest demons to defeat are the ones inside. They’ll have to rise to the challenge. 


Let’s start this off with a bit of honesty eh? I often get many requests to read books that are part of a series but am only asked to review the latest one. This is one of those cases, Challenge is the third book in the Oni Fighters series and I read it as a stand alone. Now maybe my aversion to certain parts of this book would be ameliorated if I had been introduced to these characters in previous books. Ehhh..probably not. This book actually reads pretty clearly as a stand alone novel, the characters just didn’t do it for me.

This book follows Seth, a party boy fighter who spends his days punching things and getting laid. He has managed to score a friend’s with benefits thing with the hot chick in his circle of friends who also happens to fight as well. One night after lots of drinking and previously mentioned benefits they both make decisions that change their relationship forever. This story follows their lives after those decisions and the consequences of all their actions.

The beginning of this book just did NOT  work for me. If I am reading a book where there is supposed to be an alpha male please don’t make the dude whiny and lack confidence. I feel like the first few chapters were full of dreary and annoying inner dialogue that made me want to trade this guy in for an upgrade. The female lead in this one shares the same problem. Both Sophie and Seth are built as coming of age characters that get a rude awakening and manage to find themselves somewhere in the drama and young adult angst. Both are pretty annoying and take forever to saddle up and put their big girl/boy panties on.

I enjoyed the way that the author ended things and the writing itself it pretty well done.  The connection between Seth and Sophie isn’t deep but is enough to where it is semi believable. They are both written as complex but it doesn’t really come across as intended, they both feel pretty  one-dimensional. The characters themselves are entertaining, especially if you like high drama situations, and sex scenes aren’t corny .  All in all, this reading experience was just OK for me, not scoring high on the life ending or life altering scale.

Where you can find it: On Amazon: Challenge by Natalie Gayle

Disclaimer: I obtained a free copy of this book and volunteered to provide an honest review.