Hello readers and fellow bloggers!

I have FINALLY gotten the itch and I am taking the plunge and have started my attempt to conquer my current to do review list and start taking new reads on. I am not going to lie, I love reading but it gets really intimidating when you see just how many you are behind.

Being a full-time nurse, full-time wife/mother and pregnant with twins has really thrown my normal routine kind of for a loop. Took me a few to  get it all back into rotation.  I have over 1,000 emails that I still need to read and respond to for review requests and feedback, so if you have contacted me and I have no responded, fear not.. I am working my way through it. Also, if I have already agreed to review your work please do not worry, I didn’t forget you.  If I have been unable to download it or cannot locate it, I will probably send you an email to re-acquire it if you still want me to read/review it for you.

I have managed to read quite a few of the books already on my list but as many of you might remember, I always try to review the works and write the review right afterwards. That way I do not miss all the feels or the not so inspiring moments that I want to mention. So, I will promptly be attempting to re-read all of them as well.

Yikes! Well here we go!

With all the book love,

Jill @ Book Mafia Blog