Hello all you lovely people!

*Dusts off laptop*

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for hanging with me, even though I have been completely MIA for the past month. You all deserve an explanation and this post is here to provide you with one, even though it is going to make me sound super lame.

So the truth is..I am pregnant..with TWINS! Which is totally boss and my husband and I are SUPER stoked but..I have been really, really sick. I have literally spent all my time that I haven’t been at work.. barfing. (Yeah, I know..TMI.) But seriously though, I have been totally sleeping during my normal post/reading time. I am finally coming to a point where I am getting a little better so I am able to function at a more optimal level. Everyone SHOULD see a gradual increase in posts and back reviews and hopefully I will return to my normal grind. To be honest, I have really been stressing over the fact that I have promised people reviews and have been too out of shape to put them out there…so to all you wonderful authors who believe in my reviewing skills enough to request reviews.. thank you. I have not forgotten about you I promise!

Now, only to clean my house before my son’s third birthday party on Sunday..aye. I don’t even want to wear pants…

All the book love,