Just wanted to give a small update on my progress through the Mercy Thompson Series

It is still really good!

I am almost through book five as of right now and man, I am still just as interested now as I was after the first book.

There will be a full series review but it is incredibly long so I have to make my way through them while still trying to stay true to my timeline for promised reviews ( who am I kidding I am WAY behind, sorry ya’ll.)

Quick Thoughts:

I never really noticed before but there is a pretty obvious plug for Christianity in her books. I am not complaining at all but it isn’t super often that religion is seen in a positive light in paranormal themed reads. It also would probably explain the lack of detailed romance. There is very little actual romance in the books but it is hinted at and implied. The lack of focus on sex allows the book to remain really character lead which I love.

The characters still continue to grow and self discover and I really dig that.

Trigger topics are present in a few of the books, but they are also left to the imagination. To the point in one scenario I wasn’t sure if something bad actually happened or almost did. My mild confusion was quickly clarified but it is written in such a way that it could have easily have gone the other way.

The central conflict in each book is well described and ties in well with the previous books. All too often when reading a series of books, the author presents each book as an independent issue just uses the same characters and introduces a few new ones. But Briggs creates a very fluid tie in and it makes each book fit well with the one before it.

I am pretty stoked to read the rest of the series, lucky for me they are so well written I can just pick them up whenever and jump back in.

So now, back to my regular reviews. Prepare yourselves, there are going to be several in the next week so get ready. Happy Reading people!