Review Highlights:

Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Young Adult

Age: 16+

Type: Series, this is book four in the Huntress Series.

Recommendation: Yes, this is my second favorite in the series.

Pages: 188

Pricing: Very good, available on Kindle Unlimited. E-book is $3.99.

Summary: +answers ( finally) – disappointing climax between Aiden and Cass +sped up plot with increasing action – slow at first +interesting twist


Cass Clereaux has a few problems. Sure, she just saved her whole town and is now immortal, but immortality sucks. The same spell that made her immortal also takes away her magic. It’s kaput. Finito. Gone. Being a FireSoul and finding magical treasure is who she is. Now, she couldn’t find her left leg with a map. Not even if a dragon pointed the way.

To make matters worse, her concealment charm is malfunctioning. Demons are showing up left and right, trying to bring her head back to the Monster who stalks her. While Cass is on the hunt to recover her magic and learn about her past, the specter of the Monster is getting ever closer to his mysterious end goal. She’s prophesied to meet him on the field of battle—but if she doesn’t have her magic back by then, she’s dead.

Full Review:

Let’s start this review off with some brutal honesty by just putting this out there: I started to lose a little interest in the series after book three. It began to feel like the author was drawing out the action so she could create additional books  and that is never good. Thank the stars, Eternal Magic has redeemed this series for me completely. Full of action, increasing suspense and long sought after answers, book four the in the Huntress Series gives the reader everything they could want, well for the most part.

Be aware, if you are going to read this review and haven’t read the first three books you will come across spoilers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Eternal Magic picks up right where Stolen Magic left off. Cass has just saved the day so to speak and now she is back on track hunting Victor and looking for clues about her past. By increasing the pace of the action, Hall is able to re-engage the reader (me, duh)  with a renewed energy and kick starts a born again desire to discover all the secrets this world is waiting to reveal. I can without a doubt say that I felt a satisfaction after this book that the previous two did not provide me with. My only complaint about this one is the extremely anticlimactic getting together of sorts that we experience with Aiden and Cass. MILD SPOILER ALERT!  We know it is coming, we see the path and are anxiously awaiting the combustible merging of emotion and attraction between the two right? And when we FINALLY get it.. there is no detail, there is just a casual mention and it is heartbreaking. Such a total let down. The two of them are built up so high and then.. boom, one sentence to describe them. I understand this is not a romance novel and is aimed for a younger population but really, with all the other elements in the book it could have used a bit more hubba hubba.

All in all, this book is a win for me. I will be reading book five.

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Disclaimer: I obtained a free copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Linsey Hall, I can’t wait to see what happens next!