Review Highlights:

Genre: I actually have no idea? Umm my best guess would be comedy? Romance?

Age: If you feel the need to subject yourself to this tragedy.. don’t do it until your 18.

Recommendation: Holy balls no, this book is terrible.

Type: Stand alone

Pages: 106

Pricing: No, no price would be acceptable for this. ever.

Summary: Shameful


18+: A babe named Anita Sarkeesian crusades to purify video games. But she discovers a maverick named Frelsun who is also discovering her. Frelsun thinks she is hot and stylish. Frelsun challenges Anita’s world view in ways she never imagined. He entices her yet she feels conflicted. Will Frelsun succeed in his quest to seduce Anita and to transform her into a maverick? Read this erotic romance novella to find out.

Full Review:

Ok, I am so sorry ya’ll but this is perhaps the WORST book I have ever read. I do not say that lightly. I feel terrible about having to be so blunt.. actually no I don’t. Seriously, this is THAT bad. When I agreed to read the book, I did so without knowing anything about it other than the blurb. I thought.. hey why not? What could I lose?

Exactly thirty minutes of my life, that is what.

The book didn’t really have a cover when I agreed to read it either, now looking at what is available on Amazon, I.. just.. can’t. Does it skeeve you out?  Multiply that feeling by a hundred and add in incorrectly used grammar and repetitive words. Mix that in with the absolute worse portrayal of feminism known to man with some seriously creepy sexual references and discussion of masturbation and you have this book.

Stay away. Far, far away.

I am not even going to go into anything else because there isn’t a point.

Disclaimer: I obtained a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. It doesn’t get more honest than this…