Review Highlights:

Genre: Romance

Age: 18+

Recommendation: Yes, this was funny, sexy and decently written. Will appeal to those who aren’t afraid of very coarse, descriptive and raunchy writing from a male POV.

Type: Stand Alone

Pages: 369

Pricing: Good, this book is available on Kindle Unlimited and is only $2.99 to buy the E-book.

Summary: +funny dialogue -almost too raunchy to handle at times +hot male lead -/+strange yet interesting plot  -weird antagonist +/- awkward love interest


I like my women the way I like my sports. Warm… and wet.

Swimming is my world.
I’ve worked for years to get here, and I have a real shot at the Olympics.
Unless I get kicked out of school for my rowdy behavior.

So when Coach tells me his daughter’s in town, and it’s my job to train her?
“Yes sir” is the only possible answer.

Too bad Tia’s completely off-limits.
Being around her all the time is more than tempting — it’s torture.

I’m here to swim.
To get to know the father I haven’t seen in a decade.

Blake makes me feel things no one else ever has…
But the last thing I need is more heartbreak.

Too bad he looks even better out of the water than in it.
I just have to stay strong.

Stroker is a full-length bad boy sports romance with no cheating and a happy ending. For a limited time, it also includes full-length, best-selling novel Striker: A Bad Boy Sports Romance as well as an exclusive preview of upcoming title Wrecked.

Full Review: 

Stroker is the first book I have read by author Teagan Kade and after reading it I still cannot make up my mind if her style is something I will want to read again. Blake, the initial POV  is a walking set of testicles with a untameable sexual appetite that spends his days either swimming in the water or in someone lady parts. He is written as a walking, talking cliché of a college frat daddy type. I can handle all kinds of pervy but the choice writing to describe Blake is almost too much. In the beginning he is set up to be an alpha male but by the end of the book the guy is a total push over that gets owned more than once by the antagonist. I enjoyed the funny dialogue between him and his guy friends and the interaction he has with his coach. All the dong-isms used in this book had me cracking up. Seriously, who would think to use to term porridge gun? But the complete lack of interest in anything female outside of their anatomy makes me less inclined to believe the possibility of a love story so quickly.

Tia, the alternate POV, is the daughter of the hard-headed swimming coach. He brings her into the fold after much time apart and gives her to Blake to teach and prep for Olympic try outs. Of course Blake sees her and immediately thinks she is different, and wants her and well.. you know the rest. The plot is interesting but strange in itself. The way that everything happens is kind of out of the blue and there isn’t a whole lot of detail leading up to it. The antagonist is awkward and there are several holes and things left to be assumed when it comes to his motives and exactly how he got in such bad shape. Tia is pretty one-dimensional but spicy and had enough spunk to keep me interested. The ending is pretty cliché but was full of enough action to keep my eyes open after a long day until I finished it. One thing I will say is that I wish authors would address the fact that if you build your main man up to be this horse dong wielding swordsman and then your love interest is a petite tiny virgin, please take into account that he that yields said mighty sword isn’t going to be able to comfortably go to town on someone with no experience. I mean honestly? I love it when authors include funny quips and add realistic sex elements to books like these. Just sayin’.

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