Review Highlights:

Genre: Teens/YA

Age: 14+

Recommendation: Not really. This book is not all that enjoyable.

Type: Series, there are a total of three books a this time. Bound to Endure is available and the third Bound by Love will be available July 18, 2016.

Pages: 242

Pricing:  Affordable. The e-book of Bound by Birthright is $.99 cents on Kindle and $.99 cents on B&N. Paperbacks are more expensive, they are about $12.00.

Summary: -weak and annoying heroine -interesting but poorly executed plot -poor editing -very juvenile writing -one dimensional characters


Elven princess Arabella is set to marry the human Prince Phillip but her countrymen do not hesitate to express their anger with her parents’ attempt to improve relations with the humans. With death threats plaguing her, Arabella is forced into hiding.

When her sanctuary is usurped by pirates, Arabella goes on the run with humans who vow to help and keep her safe. She finds herself drawn to one of the humans, the dashing Robert, who steals her heart.

Arabella would like nothing more than time to get to know Robert better, but with pirates attacking and her wedding date approaching, time is one thing she doesn’t have. Arabella’s on a flight for her life and must reconcile with the truth—she can never be with the one she wants.

If only her heart would agree.

Full Review: 

Oh, I am just so disappointed by this book! I really enjoyed You Are Mine by Falor, so I thought this book was a sure thing. The cover is also very attractive and eye-catching. So I was completely caught off guard when I started reading it. The writing is so poorly done! There were a ton of editing mistakes, and the flow of the story itself was very choppy and felt superficial.  It felt like someone completely different wrote it honestly.

Bound by Birthright follows an elven princess, who is set to marry a human to improve the strained relationship between the two races. She is sent away after being threatened inside her home in an attempt to protect her. unbeknownst to those in her house, there is a traitor that has sent bloodthirsty pirate assassins after her. Ohh, this was just so weak. Arabella, the main POV is a clueless care bear that has no idea what is going on in the real world. Not to mention she is totally one-dimensional and completely lacking any interesting qualities. The world building and plot are terrible. The ending is awful, I mean I just don’t know what else to say. I don’t mean to be harsh but really. It is quite bad. Only reason this is not a one star read for me is because I was able to finish it.

I would not recommend this book, if you are looking for a fantastical YA/Teen series I would keep searching.

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Disclaimer: I obtained a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.