Oh, how wonderful it is to get to read and then just stop if it isn’t enjoyable without the fear of wasting money..

Below are the fruits of my latest kindle unlimited binge-fest. I really shouldn’t indulge in such things considering the amount of books I still have on my TBR list but sometimes you are just in the mood for a particular something and nothing else will do. This week for some reason I wanted to venture into the world of completely outlandishly titled romance novels that I wouldn’t otherwise be drawn to.  Two of them proved to be a little too out of the lines for me but there is one that I really enjoyed.

Binge attempt #1:

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

Status: Failed


Before you laugh at me consider this: there are like nine novels in this series so obviously someone enjoys them. I thought hey, what the hell? Why not? Now, there is something to be said about being sucked up into an alien spaceship and kidnapped only to be rescued by some sort of tall, dark and delicious.. I was thinking something along the lines of the dirty version of x-files but unfortunately I just couldn’t hang with this book. One thing the guy in the cover is missing..giant ass horns that protrude from his forehead, I mean wouldn’t you risk putting your eye out? My practical side just kept thinking.. no.. I would lose a contact and then be completely out of luck. But seriously, this book was too much for me. Not saying there is anything wrong with the writing but the protagonist is a girl that is completely whatevs about being jacked into space by alien pirates, stuck in a cage watching her fellow captives being raped and then wakes up with a  blue face in between her legs and she is all like.. oh…aren’t the natives friendly. No ma’am. I stopped about 10% in.

Binge attempt #2

Alice in Shifterland by Sky Winters

Status: Failed


Alice in Shifterland caught my eye because hello..sexy shifters meet Alice in Wonderland? Absolutely. The book starts of exactly like the classic, the only different addition being she falls into the hole following a compass that is said to bring her to her true love vs. the traditional route. The book attempts to keep the quirky edges that all the characters possess in the original but it seems just a bit nutty. I like a good romance but something that really irks me is insta-dong. It is when your female character decides to get naked with a stranger within the first like 25 pages of the book. I get it.. she is lost and randy whatever.. but I just couldn’t get into it. At least have SOME build up, make him work for it. The way the characters go warp speed from meeting to having a baby is just.. awkward. I stopped about 65 pages in. Who knows maybe I am just too prude for this style of writing.

Binge attempt #3

Highland Wolf Pact by Selena Kit

Status: Success!


Highland Wolf Pack is the compilation of a three book by Selena Kitt. I will admit I didn’t read the second or third book yet but I intend to. The self titled first installment is pretty good! Written in much more of an Outlander style without the complexity and robust prose, this book offers a short and sweet romance between a girl running from a forced marriage with a tyrant and a Scottish werewolf pack leader. The plot is interesting and has some original aspects, the protagonist is strong and resilient and the love connection between the two main characters feels real. There is some well written tension and chemistry and the love scenes aren’t vulgar despite how descriptive they are. All in all, it is a pretty good read. Worth checking out.

Until next week, enjoy and live happy! – Jill