Review Highlights:

Genre: Romance, Erotica

Age: 18+

Recommendation: Yes, this is short and sexy.

Type: Part of the Hawaiian Heartbreak series, but can be read as a stand alone.

Pages: 187

Summary:+fast paced +HEA +/- cliche yet enjoyable plot +hot romance +well built characters


“He’s infuriating. A backstabber wrapped up in pretty packaging. And I know better than to unwrap that present.”

From the moment Tess sees the new guy at work, she feels the pull towards him. But then he opens his mouth. And reveals himself as an arrogant jerk, intent on making her work life hell.

Avoiding Damian is the safest bet, but Tess has never been one to walk away from a fight. If he wants a war, he can have one. And he should be prepared to lose.

Because Tess built her real estate career to protect what’s left of her family. And no arrogant jerk is going to take it from her. No matter how good he looks in a suit.

Open Home, Closed Heart is a full-length standalone sequel to the Hawaiian Heartbreak trilogy. Intended for readers over 18 due to explicit sexual content.

Full Review:

Libby Cole does it again! In the same fashion as her Hawaiian Heartbreak Trilogy, Libby Cole gives us something short, steamy and satisfying. This book follows Tess, a high performing real estate agent who experiences hate at first sight with the new guy in her office. Forced to work together, Tess and Damian reluctantly get to know each other and discover feelings that neither of them really want but both desperately need. In true classic romance fashion, this book starts out with a bang and ends with one.

As short as this book is, the progression doesn’t feel rushed and manages to successfully tell the story in less than two hundred pages. The love scenes are graphic and sizzling. The chemistry between Damian and Tess is so thick it’s hard to believe either of them can manage to get any work done at all.

I have to mention the cover, the look on the female models face is a bit pornographic, so naturally it makes me giggle. Both models are true to the characters description in the story but I feel like Tess is so spunky she deserved a better representation. This book is a fun, easy read that didn’t make me stress reading it. I would recommend to anyone wanting something quick, sexy and non-complicated.

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Disclaimer: I obtained an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Libby Cole!