Review Highlights:

Genre: Romance, Mystery/Thriller

Age: 18+

Recommendation: Not really, I didn’t really like either main character.

Type: Stand alone

Pages: 260

Summary: -cliche -a heroine that tries too hard to be different – horrible love interest + well described sex scenes -awful dialogue +beautiful cover


Ivy Maisen thinks she knows exactly what type of guy Chase Hudson is — billionaire, extremely good looking, cocky as hell, and a guy that women salivate over…
But looks can be deceiving…
Underneath the tuxedo, luxurious demeanor and smooth character is a bad boy covered in tattoos, piercings, the lead singer in a band, and he owns three of the clubs that Ivy frequents.
Oh and he rides a Harley…
Will Ivy finally open her eyes and allow herself to see the real Chase or will she reject his alter-ego and refuse his advances again and again?
When desire is tainted with deception and lies, does that person become less desirable?
Could love be the one thing powerful enough to push them past the deception and down to the real person underneath the facade?

Full Review:

The only thing stopping me from giving this book the lowest rating possible is the sexy parts are well written and the cover is pretty. Don’t judge me, I am just being honest. This book annoyed me from the get go. Chase, the male lead, is cocky, stuck-up and one-dimensional. I in no way, shape or form found him even slightly attractive or appealing. The way that one minute he speaks about himself like he is superior in every way and then switches back to being a lost puppy just trying to fill his daddies shoes makes me want to throat punch him.

The female lead, Ivy, is so try hard it is ridiculous. She literally comes off as a little girl wanting to rebel against her rich parents so she decides to play in a band, get a tattoo and decides she only wants to date a poor starving artist type the doesn’t wash his hair, rides a bike and doesn’t believe in the mainstream. I mean seriously come on! Try as I might I could not get into this book. My wrinkles are deeper now from all the WTF faces I made reading it. Oh and don’t get me started on the dialogue between them. I will say the author knows how to write sexy, so that is a plus.

It is hard for me to say anything more about this book that can even be considered constructive so I am going to end my review here. I would not recommend this. I didn’t HATE it but I did not enjoy reading it at all.

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Disclaimer: I obtained a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.