*Picked this one up with my last Kindle Unlimited binge, I felt it deserved it’s own review*

Genre: New Adult, Romance

Age: 18+

Recommendation: Sure. It’s cute, quick and doesn’t leave you hanging.

Type: Combo! This book is actually the combination of two stories, each runs its course and ends completely. This is a twofer people. ( ha, Texas talk ya’ll)

Pages: 363

Summary: This is what I like to call mind fluff ( it’s a good thing.) + easy to read +not overly emotion inducing +HEA +hot guy +simple heroine -superficial -cliche and inconsistent history +Kindle Unlimited


Fake Cinderella. Real Romance.

Luke Pardini is many things: playboy, tabloid fodder, ridiculously attractive billionaire. He’s the Prince Charming every woman dreams of.

And he wants me to be his fake girlfriend.

I don’t want a relationship, even a make-believe one, but I do need the money. Writing isn’t paying the bills, and I hardly have time for a second job, let alone a romance. But he’s offering me a dream-come true.

I’ll get the fancy dresses, the formal dinners, the full Luke Pardini experience. I get to be Cinderella for a few weeks, then I’ll trade in the shoes. No problem, right?

Except I don’t have to pretend when he touches me, but he’s made it clear I only get to play his girlfriend for a few weeks. When midnight strikes, our Cinderella Arrangement is over.

He promised the arrangement would be simple.

I promised I wouldn’t fall in love.

Author’s Note: The Cinderella Arrangement was previously published as Break and Crash. The books have been re-edited and some elements of the story changed. Both stories are standalone novels with HEAs. As a bonus, your copy of The Cinderella Arrangement includes the first chapters of my unreleased romantic comedy, and Dirty Prince, another romantic comedy!

Full Review:

Despite my huge to-be-read list, I decided I wanted to read something short and cheeky. After looking through the masses of romance/YA books listed in Kindle Unlimited I settled on this one. The title immediately made me think of Hilary Duff in A Cinderella Story meets romance with a YA twist and that is more or less what I found this book to be.

The plot is simple and to the point. Girl is broke, meets misunderstood hot rich guy who needs to get his life straight, agrees to pretend to be his girlfriend and promises not to get attached. Things get complicated and both parties  allow the lines to blur. See, simple right? Only thing I can complain about is the author, I assume in an attempt to create a more complex character, decided to give her heroine a complicated and dark backstory. My problem is that this character alludes to some sort of physical or sexual trauma but her actions/thoughts  are not in any way consistent with this supposed past. The characters were pretty one dimensional but the story was so light and cute I really didn’t care.

While this book isn’t exactly the type to bring to a new understanding of your emotional self, it does provide a momentary escape from the daily work week grind and ends in a way that won’t make you want to commit a felony. Overall, it was just enough cute to feed my inner romance junky and short enough I could read it and still have time to finish the laundry so my people had underwear the next day.

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