Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Age: 18+

Recommendation: Oh geeze, I would pass on this one, it is a hot mess.

Type: Series, Fire Danger is the first book in the Elemental’s Challenge series.

Pages: 205

Summary: -awkward sex scenes -one dimensional characters -confusing plot -poor writing +interesting ideas -skips around -absolutely no chemistry between mains.


A love that’s fated to go up in flames.

Elementals’ Challenge, Book 1

All her life, a faint memory of her parents and fire has glowed at the back of Rachel Quinn’s mind. With her parents long dead, there is no one to clarify what it means.

When a gorgeous winged man rescues her from a pack of werewolves, something flares to life inside Rachel. Suddenly she can see the paranormal world around her, a world unseen by mortals. And far more complicated.

When Phoenix’s massive orange-and-red wings erupt from his back, he knows his Challenge—an age-old battle against his Demonos counterpart—is upon him. Heeding Rachel’s cry for help adds a layer of complexity never seen in any previous Challenge.

Rachel, they discover, isn’t entirely human. Like Phoenix, she commands fire. Fire calls to fire, and soon they are succumbing to a fierce attraction. As the Challenge bears down on them, though, Phoenix must discover what the Demonos has in store for mankind. If he doesn’t succeed, the entire world will be swallowed up in darkness—and Rachel along with it.

Warning: When the mortal and the Elemental worlds collide, the resulting smoke could cause heart palpitations, teary eyes, and a sudden need to fan yourself. Keep a cooler of cold drinks handy.

Full Review:

I don’t even know where to start. I really don’t like writing negative reviews because I can only imagine the way they make the author feel when reading them. I really do try to make them as constructive as possible. Please keep in mind when writing reviews I always try to keep them as spoiler free as possible but in cases such as this, it is hard to do and still review in a way that creates a complete picture. This book has some interesting ideas behind it but I am not going to beat around the bush, it is not a pleasant read.

The characters are one-dimensional and flat, the plot is interesting but full of holes and quickly feels disorganized and random. The writer jumps from one thought to the next and leaves very few bread crumbs to follow. There is no believable chemistry between the main characters and the sex scenes are  awkward and lack excitement. The world building is what sealed the deal for me. There is no real explanation or gratifying details about who each character is and why they are important. The antagonist is poorly built and I was unable to form any attachment to any of the characters good or bad.

On the positive side, the cover is lovely and drew me in from first glance. Perhaps that is why I felt such strong negative feelings toward this book. The cover promised something dark, dangerous and sexy. I have a certain love for creatures that can blow things up and not burn in the process but that isn’t what I got at all.

Overall, this book was not for me so I don’t know that others with similar taste will enjoy it.

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Samhain Publishing and Claire Davon.