Review Highlights:

Genre: Romance

Age: 18+ (it’s for the grown and sexy only)

Recommendation: I have mixed feelings. I would recommend this book to people who enjoyed Feehan’s previous books. There are some aspects of this book I really enjoyed and others that put me off.

Type: Series, this is the first book to be released in the Shadow Series.

Pages: 477

Summary: +interesting plot -weak heroine +good chemistry between mains -weird family dynamic -overdone in parts -strange ending +no cliffhanger  +continuous action +sexy alpha male -mediocre world building


Whether it’s fast cars or fast women, Stefano Ferraro gets what he wants. When he’s not fodder for the paparazzi, he commands Ferraro family businesses—both legitimate and illegitimate.

While their criminal activity is simply a rumor yet to be proven, no one knows the real truth. The Ferraros are a family of shadow riders capable of manipulating light and dark, an ability Stefano thought ran in his family alone—until now…

With little left to her name, Francesca Cappello has come to Chicago in hopes of a new life. She wasn’t expecting to attract the attention of a man with primal hunger in his eyes, driven to claim her as his to protect and to please. And if he discovers her secret, it could ruin her…

Full Review:

After seeing this book on NetGalley I knew I had to have it. I have been reading a lot of YA as well as sci-fi and fantasy and I just really wanted a romance novel. There is something about a strong alpha male that just..anyways I digress. Going into this novel, it knocked my socks off with the first two chapters because of how intense everything is. Stefano is nothing but intense. He works hard, loves hard, hates hard, does other things hard. The way this character is written is the absolute embodiment of an alpha male and I LOVE that. The love scenes are scorching hot and the hesitance Francesca feels really appeals to my logic.

I enjoyed the plot but I really wish there was more explanation of the significance of the Ferrero family and a better description of how they do what they do. I could tell they were important but the hierarchy of it all felt skewed especially in relation to Stefano and his parents. Everything else was strictly by the rules and hierarchy based yet when it came to his parents it wasn’t. Francesca also got on my nerves a little, she was super helpless..all the time. I like my girls with a little more backbone.

Although the dual POV is well written, I didn’t really get the same alpha male vibe from his view that I got from Francesca’s. From her point of view he is commanding and almost cannot be contained, but after reading his thoughts from his view it seems more muted, less virile. Also, I have to mention the dynamic between the Ferraro family is really strange. It is supposed to exude a close-knit/ has each others’ back at all times type of family and it does…but it feels overdone. The way they all jump up and exude violence at the drop of a hat at even something minuscule felt slightly corny. I hate to use that word but really, it was. The end is cliché and pretty expected but satisfies anyway. The antagonist in this book is believable but over all was a little less impressive than I was hoping for.

I was intrigued enough to read this book in one sitting.The action is continuous and although cliché, this story is entertaining and does not leave you hanging at the end. Based off of the way this story read, each of the additional books in this series will follow a different Ferraro family member on their quest to find someone.

Shadow Rider is set to be released June 28,2016.

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Disclaimer: I obtained a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Christine Feehan and Berkley Publishing Group for a chance to slip into Stefano and Francesca’s world.