Hello all! Please excuse my non-book focused post BUT I just can’t control my excitement with all these new theories rolling around! If you are not a fan of these then stop reading because I am about to list the ones I am most psyched about!!

Possibility #1: John Snow isn’t the bastard we think he is.

So, when looking back at the scene when the young Ned Stark charges the castle to rescue his darling sister Lyanna from the clutches of Rhaegar Targaryen we hear her screaming then Bran is pulled from his vision. The leading theory is: she was giving birth! It also is being whispered that rather than being taken against her will, Lyanna was in love with Rhaegar and left voluntarily. So Romeo and Juliet style huh? This is huge because that would mean..our favorite Dragon Queen wouldn’t be the last Targaryen, she would have a half stark half Targaryen cousin running around. If you remember one fire god priestess believes John Snow to be the chosen ruler..the other Dany. Crazzyy…

Possibility # 2: Lady Stark will return as Lady Stoneheart and go ham on anyone in her way.

In the books, shortly after the red wedding, Lady Stark is found dead and revived. Problem is she was supposedly already decomposing when this occurs so what is brought back is not wholly her. It is suspected that she will be revealed in the finale this season and it will promise more blood shed for episodes to come. The idea of a hell and fury bent, mute and violence craving version of the proper Lady Stark has me all KINDS of excited for the ass whipping she is going to lay down on the Bolton’s and the Freys. Wouldn’t it be even sicker if she was really with the Blackfish RIGHT NOW and he was hiding her??

Possibility #3: Dany won’t follow her fathers footsteps like many think she will but Cersei will.

So the idea is that Cersei is going to completely lose it when her third and final child dies and attempt to torch Kings Landing. According to the prophecy she was given as a child all three of her kids will die which means the current kings time is coming!

There are plenty of other theories but those are my favorites! We shall see!