One of my favorite things in the world is recommending a book to one of my friends and then having them call me and let me know how much they enjoyed it. The little joys in life!  I decided to do a little experiment and hopefully you guys will enjoy it. Feel free to let me know what you think. Let’s play matchmaker shall we? We can do this Tinder style, minus the actual swiping.





Name: Vlad Tepesh aka Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula (don’t let him hear you call him that.)

Type: Tall, dark and delicious vampire who is a force to be reckoned with that will stop at nothing to protect his own. Rules with authority and loves hard ( if you get my drift.)

Likes: Being feared, torturing his enemies by impaling them on poles, torturing people who look at him funny, pain, chasing the only woman that doesn’t cower before him, giving (insert eyebrow waggle here), velvet curtains, hair gel that stands up to high wind speeds.

Dislikes: Being defied, anyone who touches his girl, butterflies, spam, puppies.



Name: Malcom Devane

Type: Tall, muscular lone wolf shifter with an impressive head of hair and a pair of no-nonsense shit kickers.

Likes: Running in the woods, being impressive, protecting his mate, rabbits, wrecking people who hurt his woman, humping in nature.

Dislikes: Minivans, hunters, Kim Kardashian, store-bought beef.



Name: Lord Toric

Type: Muscular alien overlord with a hidden soft side who watches the focus of his sexual frustration from afar, unable to get close because he doesn’t want her murdered.

Likes: Pervy romps in the sheets, brunettes, puppies.

Dislikes: Politics, not being able to be himself, broccoli.




Name: Storm

Type: Tall, broody rock star with tons of cash and a soft spot for dainty women in distress.

Likes: Big dogs, food, watching the snow melt, getting it on in hot tubs, duster jackets, eye liner.

Dislikes: Being famous, paparazzi, tofu, green olives.



Young Adult/ New Adult:



Name: Daemon Black

Type: Tall, dark and frustratingly douchey hot guy from another planet that loves his family and loves riling up the girl of his dreams by being the most difficult person she has ever met.

Likes: Swimming, being shirtless, achieving the perfect balance between being sweaty and shirtless, saving on electricity, making things blow up with his sexual prowess.

Dislikes: The dark, people smarter than him, anyone who dates his sister, flower beds.

Name: Darren Cole

Type: Handsome, strong and likes to play hard to get.

Likes: A challenge, women that he can’t have, running, doughnuts, doing the right thing.

Dislikes:  Granny panties, razor burn, geometry.




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