Hello there! Sorry for the brief pause in posts. Please accept a picture of my dog, Sam, as a token of my true appreciation for your constant support. He is handsome and most certainly has superhero skills when it comes to putting his cold nose on absolutely every exposed surface of skin on your body.

I find as a part-time book reviewer/part-time nurse/full time parent that I have to cluster reading so, the reviews are written sporadically during the time I am not cleaning up pee (everywhere, it is everywhere), cooking dinner and educating the masses on the importance of hand washing. During this week I will be posting up at least two more reviews and some new things I am  trying out!

In addition to writing honest reviews and trying to expose readers to books that I enjoy, I have decided to try my hand at introducing people to authors who are both great writers and truly interesting people. This will probably not follow the normal, expected format that you might see with other author interviews but I kind of ride my own wave.

After reading Gifted, I knew immediately that there were several things that set it apart from others in the young adult genre. Be sure to check out my interview/giveaway with Jessica George, author of Gifted, that will be posted later this week!