I am so happy to say that things are picking up, and quickly! I have had several authors message me as of late with requests to review their books and let me just tell you how freaking AWESOME it feels.  The idea that someone has taken the time to look at my blog and then actually thought enough of my reviews to request that I read their work is the utmost compliment in my opinion.

With my only goals to read, spread book love and put my thoughts down somewhere I can come back and re-visit them, the idea that people are taking notice and keeping me in mind when they release a new book is beyond what I ever thought this little hobby of mine could accomplish. So a big thank you to those of you who have followed me here, on Facebook or on Twitter. You all are awesome!

Just as a reminder, I know that I reference Amazon and Kindle Unlimited often but I do not get compensated for any of my reviews, outside of being provided with a free copy of course. Many of my reviews are simply books that I have read that I really enjoyed and want others to be exposed to. I do have a Kindle Unlimited account that I pay for, mainly because my reading appetite is ravenous and random. I never know what I am in the mood to read so having a lot of options is always a good thing. I obsess over books like most obsess over shoes. I also do not solely encourage people to read on any specific sites, Amazon and Barnes and Noble are just the only two outside of NetGalley and author sent copies that I obtain books from. I would be totally stoked if someone had another source that they could inform me of.

I just wanted to convey how awesome this whole book blogging thing is, and how I can’t figure out why it took me so long to try it. Oh, the masses of books I could have reviewed!

Again, thank you so much for hanging out with me and watching this grow. Hopefully, it will keep getting better and better. I have already learned so much. Please, if you have any helpful hints, positive feedback or constructive criticism send it my way. And more importantly, have a fabulous day.

-Jill @ Book Mafia Blog