Genre: New Adult, Fantasy

Age: 16+ ( aged based off content, which is mild in comparison to many YA books. Also based off complexity of the writing.)

Recommendation: Yes, I would recommend to the mid teen to older teen crowd. This will especially appeal to those who play MMO games such as World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons. 

Type: Series, this is book one in the Elustria Chronicles.

Summary: + interesting but predictable plot -mediocre heroine -minimal world building -awkward romance +cool video game reference/inspiration -could use more development +awesome cover +Kindle Unlimited


After the death of her parents, Kat Thomas retreated from college life into an online fantasy game.

But what if the game she plays is closer to reality?

When a panther shifter named Alex knocks on her door one night, he delivers a message and a package. Kat’s birth mother was a powerful mage who has just been murdered…and now the killer is after Kat. The package contains her mother’s talisman: an amber necklace that latches onto Kat’s neck and attacks anyone who tries to remove it. Before she knows it, ice is shooting from her hands and she’s on the run from an assassin.

Kat must navigate a world of magic and intrigue, fight the forces who want her dead, and protect her friends from becoming collateral damage–all while coming to terms with her new identity. She’s heir to a powerful legacy, but only if she lives long enough to claim it.

Full Review:

I really, really wanted to love this book. Between the cover, the premise and the awesome reference to online gaming ( which I am a HUGE fan of WoW so, yeah, don’t judge me) I felt like this book was going to be a match made in heaven. While I did enjoy the book overall, there are several things that I feel really hold it back from its full potential.

 The authenticity of the gaming references that the author uses is refreshing and you can tell she was inspired by her own love of MMO’s ( massive multiplayer online games). As someone who is used to completely inaccurate portrayal of gaming in movies and TV shows, it is nice to read common lingo that is actually used correctly. I also enjoyed the ideas behind the story, including that a girl who has lost pretty much everything, now gets a second chance at another life outside of her own lonely existence.

Now to the hard part, the critical portion of the review. The heroine in this book didn’t make me feel anything. Everything felt sort of blase. Some random dude shows up at her house, cool. She finds out her parents weren’t her parents, whatever. The events in the story that should have been trigger moments didn’t really inspire any emotional response out of me. The shifter that introduces her to this new world full of magic and tells her she is actually heir to immense blah as well. He shows up, acts weird and protective but doesn’t give off the Alpha vibes necessary for the reader to feel like he’s a true force to be reckoned with.  He lacks depth and inspiration. The relationship between them didn’t inspire any feels either, there was dialogue that suggested a emotional exchange between them but it didn’t translate.

The plot is interesting but I pretty much knew what was going to happen almost immediately. There was a real lack of rich detail in when describing the magical aspect of the story line. I didn’t feel immersed in her world, it felt very 2D. There is this whole other world, Elustria, that the majority of the characters are from but it isn’t really described much past the idea it is magical. The book was short, which partially explains the lack of detail but doesn’t compensate fully for it. Don’t get me wrong, this story is entertaining but it just doesn’t reach out and grab you. I feel like this story would appeal more to the younger end of the teen spectrum because it isn’t very deep and the writing is simple to read. Those that are used to more bountiful detail and compelling character interaction might be disappointed. It is available on Kindle Unlimited, which is great if you have a subscription.

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.