Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Age: 16+

Recommendation: Yes, this was a promising start to a new series. Would recommend to anyone who likes fantasy themes, especially those involving dragons.

Type: Series, this is book one. Unknown release date for additional books.

Summary: +well written +easy to follow + decently built characters ( for a shorter read) +intriguing love interest – could use a bit more development -cliffhangerish +Unique themes * Feels more YA than straight romance/fantasy.


I’m good at two things: finding treasure and killing demons. Lying low is a close third—but not because I want to be good at hiding. I have to be. I’m a FireSoul, one of the unlucky few to inherit a piece of the dragon’s soul. Being born with the dragon’s covetousness should be a sweet gig – I have the power to find and steal any type of treasure, including the powers of other supernaturals.

But it doesn’t come without a price – stealing powers requires that I kill, and others would destroy me if they discover what I am. In a world full of magic, hiding my species is the only way to survive. Finding magical artifacts is the only way to pay the bills. It’s a dangerous job when you can barely use your magic, but that’s one of the things I like about it.

When Aidan Merrick, the most powerful shifter in the city, hired me to find an ancient scroll, I didn’t want to take the job. His immense amount of power reminds me of too much of murky memories from a past I can’t remember. But I don’t have a choice. The scroll reveals what I am. And if anyone finds out, I’m dead.

Full Review:

Ancient Magic by Linsey Hall is one of those books I was immediately drawn to. The cover is absolutely lovely. I really dig the color scheme but to me, it looks like a book more aimed at teens/YA than romance and sci-fi/fantasy fans. The writing and story line felt like that as well. This particular author has also released some pretty steamy novels so perhaps the additional books in the series will be spicy, this one, not so much.

The story begins with three girls waking up in an unknown place, with no memory of how they got there. The only thing all three are sure about is that they need to run. Fast. After escaping an unknown but evil force, they begin building their lives together, spending all their energy hiding from everyone and everything, knowing that if anyone found out who they are, they would immediately be jailed or worse..murdered.

What is the big deal? Why is everyone hunting them? In a world where magic is hidden from humans, and dark and light magic exist, there are a rare and dangerously unique few known as FireSouls. These are beings share a part of a dragon soul and harbor the strong and most ancient kind of magic. They are able to steal power from anyone but it carries a huge burden, death. Villainized by the masses, these few are seen as power hungry murderers that take from those that they covet. One small problem..Phoenix, Cassiopeia and Delphinus don’t have  a bad bone in their bodies.

Cass, the primary female lead in this story, uses her dragon blood to find relics and other desirable objects for the highest payer. One night she is approached by the dark, handsome and oh, so powerful Aidan. A rare shifter himself, he is seeking a scroll that lists all the most powerful beings in their world, including Cass and her sisters.

This story follows them on their journey to protect their secrets and stays with them while they deal with the very inconvenient but impossible to ignore electricity that sparks between them.

This story fell a little flat on the romance front, there was good chemistry between the two but nothing really came of it. There was plenty of spark but it didn’t create the intense longing for the two to get together that I like to feel when reading a romance novel. The world building is pretty good and the plot is interesting. Not too many authors have focused on dragon themes so that is a nice change. The characters are all likable and multi-faceted. One thing that I couldn’t ignore in this book is that the male lead shows up out of nowhere but supposedly has great intentions. I just don’t buy it. I still had the overwhelming feeling reading the book he was a total liar. There isn’t a whole lot of development where he concerned. But then again, I guess that is what book two is for. The ending is open, there is for sure a second book coming out buut it doesn’t make you cliffhangry.

I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading the next installment in the series. This is set to be released April 6, 2016.

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Disclaimer: I obtained a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. Thank you so much Linsey Hall and Bonnie Doon Press.