Just thought I would drop a quick update! Sorry, I have been pretty MIA for the last week. I have been super busy.

I don’t often talk about myself personally on this blog but one little lovely fact about me is, I am a Registered Nurse. Hold your applause..here is the cool part. My place of employment is a designated Level One Trauma Center as well as a Stroke and Heart Center. What does that mean exactly? Not all hospitals are able to handle the more serious patients, especially trauma. Often times, if something bad happens they will do what they can and then transfer to another hospital. The place I work can handle anything. That means we see all the bad stuff..the sickest of the sick come to us. As a result, I get to do a lot of education.

This week I had a surprise required test for moderate sedation. You know when you pop something out of place and the nurse gives you happy juice, you go to sleep and then they pop it back in? That’s moderate sedation. Our testing is only done on your day off. Super fun. So, I had to trek to and from work in rush hour and find someone to watch my two year old (who is currently potty training and super grouchy) just to take a test that took me fifteen minutes to complete. Really?

Oh top of that, the reason I have felt incredibly sick the last few months is I was exposed to Tuberculosis and decided to treat it to prevent the small chance that it will ever turn into an active infection. Three months of meds that make you feel like you have the flu, all the time, is a real kill joy. Plus, you can’t drink, like at all…it’s heartbreaking.

Buuuut I am so stoked for today! I have some time set aside to finish a few books I have been reading. I am close to finishing Sawbones by Melissa Lenhardt and The Thing Is by Kathleen Gerard. Both are really well written, only reason I haven’t finished is because of the stupid amount of adulting my life requires. I am most excited to get into Black Crow by J.L. Weil. After reading White Raven I was so anxious to get my hands on the next one and J.L. Weil was awesome enough to send an ARC my way.

There are several reviews coming out soon (hopefully). Thank you all for following! This whole blogging thing has really been a good outlet for me, and requires much less sweating than working out. Which is great, considering mine is currently orange.