Genre: New Adult, Romance

Age: 18+

Recommendation: Yes, particularly to those who like Liz Reinhardt and Katy McGarry

Type: Series

Summary: It was entertaining but not a very deep read. -snobbish/aloof female lead +interesting male lead +funny dialogue -predictable 

The Description:

Bri Welch likes to play it safe. I don’t. She’s wound tight, and I’m all about a good party. But there’s something about her that makes me want to pull those uptight layers away one-by-delicious-one. But the worst thing is she makes me want more…

Full Review:

Wanting More is the second book in the Love on Campus series by Jessica Ruddick. Set to be released March 28, 2016, this novel follows Bri Welch, a grad student and academic adviser who meets the campus party boy, Josh, and their subsequent relationship.

This story is told from both Josh and Bri’s POV. I am always a bit hesitant when reading a novel told from a mixed male and female point of view because they are usually either really awesome or really terrible. In this case, the dialogue was believable but the story was just OK. The relationship between the two was entertaining but it didn’t insight any emotions. I wasn’t stressed or pissed or sad or even elated. There was no throwing my e-reader then running over to make sure I didn’t crack the screen. I just sat passively and read through it.

I think that I would have enjoyed this book much more if the main character didn’t annoy me to the point of eye rolling. But she did. She is uptight, judgmental, shallow and finicky. The way she responded to the situation with her ex-boyfriend made her look weak and stupid.

The male lead Josh is pretty likable. He is your typical frat daddy, party boy with a sentimental side. I liked his confidence and his attitude. For me, he made the book fun to read. The conclusion wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. Overall, this was just middle of the road for me. Nothing spectacular happened and nothing left me disgruntled.

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review. Thank you very much, Jessica Ruddick and Entangled Publishing, LLC.