Genre: Paranormal Romance


Recommendation: Unfortunately, not really.

Type: Series

Summary: Interesting ideas behind the book that could be much better if developed.- One dimensional characters that have  a lot of potential – awkward romance


“We’re free. I’m free. Never again will we have to face the Moonlight pack.”

Beaten, punched, slapped, kicked, tortured. That was Celina’s life with the pack who was supposed to take care of her. She was nothing but their slave.

And then one day, she decided that it had to stop. She would run away. And she did. And when she shifted, little did Celina know that she was the last pure white wolf in the world. Or that she was special. She just knew she was different.

Axel was everything the alpha of her old pack was not. He was strong, powerful, demanding. And apparently, he was the only pitch black wolf left in the world. And when little Celina ran through his territory, he knew he was hers forever.

Running away seemed to be the best decision she ever made, but will a destiny that was foretold long before she was born rip her apart about things in her past? Or will she show everyone she’s not the weak girl her old pack made her to be?

Full Review:

Unique Different Found is a paranormal shifter romance novel that was released December, 2014. I was intrigued by the books description because it had listed the main character as being a unique wolf, who because she was so different was beaten and abused. So abused in fact, one night she decided she would leave her pack and escape into the night. Better to be a lone wolf than treated as a slave and a punching bag right? In most shifter fiction this is a big deal because of the inherit urge for wolves to be a part of a pack. So I am thinking, yes! A book that will give me a strong female character that although damaged, is strong enough to leave all she has ever known and make a life for herself. Um, not so much.

I am going to be bluntly honest, but I am not going to trash this book without explanation. I really like the ideas behind this book but this book was not for me. I very rarely will open a book and completely dislike it from the first few chapters but unfortunately, this was the case for me with this one. The lead character Celina, is promised as a tortured character that has suffered years of abuse. The way this book is written, Celina is too one dimensional and instead of getting the readers sympathy for her torment, she just sounds whiny. The way she speaks for herself when explaining to the reader about her experiences while with her old pack, makes her abuse sound so nonchalant like ‘ yeah they totally hit me and stuff’, instead of something that shocks our inner moral compass into being pissed off for her.

When Celina leaves, she doesn’t experience anything on her own. She has no journey. No self- exploration and realization. She is immediately  stopped by another pack and meets their alpha. MILD SPOILER ALERT! (Well, not really, the book blurb on the back already tells you this in a way but I can’t explain why I didn’t enjoy this book without mentioning it.) When Celina meets the new pack alpha, Axel, she cringes in his presence ( totally expected and OK) and then makes out with him and lets him rub his dong all over her. Immediately after, she goes back to cowering and cringing. It was written in a way that was almost creepy. It wasn’t sexy to me, it didn’t make me thankful she met him, it made me feel a bit gross. I was unable to logically relate to both of them. Most of this book followed in a similar manner, I just could not get into it.

As you read on in the book, when the action starts and the relationship between the two main characters developed it got a little easier for me to read. But even then, everything is instant. There is no real progression so that the reader can follow, it is just kind of like’ hey yep, this just happened’. This book wasn’t my style and I wouldn’t read it again. For those of you that are just looking for a fluff read that is simple and follows an expected path then you might enjoy this.

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