I know that he hates me
I can see it in his eyes
There was love in the beginning
Surely a part of it survived?

I try and get his attention
He always lets me tag along
No matter if he denies it
His need for me is strong

Always there when he’s under
I’m all the air he breathes
And at times just because I want to
I can bring him to his knees

I know he tries to quit me
But I won’t let him win the fight
I wait for him to get lonely
Lie and tell him it’s alright

To ignore what his friends tell him
His family and therapist too
I’m all he needs to fix his world
Hold him together, be the glue

He’s foolish to try and escape me
Always empty when he takes his fill
Who’d have thought you could be ruined
By one little tiny pill

Yes, I wrote this. Don’t claim my ish. Feel free to share it though.

I normally only write about books. But who would I be if I didn’t use this platform to address something important to me. Pill addiction is real, scary and everywhere. To all those affected, don’t lose hope. We see you.