Genre: horror, mystery, thriller

Age: 18+

Recommendation: I recommend for horror fans for sure, if you enjoy the occasional rendezvous with things that go bump in the night it also might quench your thirst.

Type: stand-alone

Summary: this book is a part horror and part psychological mind screw. It could use a little bit of direction in a few parts but overall was very interesting and kept my attention.+good character back story, + good villain + continuous series of events with no boring pauses


“The Dastardly Bastard of Waverly Charm

Does gleefully scheme of malevolent things

Beware, fair child, of what you find there

His lies, how they hide in the shadows he wears..”

Full Review:

Dastardly Bastard is a horror novel that is based on the underlying theory that memories, especially those that are brutal and traumatic, can latch on to a person and lead them into darkness.

Told from multiple point of views, this story begins as a group of strangers all find themselves on a tour of a local tourist spot the Waverly Chasm.  Each person is fighting their own personal battle. A photographer, recently returned from war and demoted by his boss, a mother and son who are both struggling with the recent death of a loved one, a couple in love there just for sightseeing , an author recently involved in a scandal and a slightly mad tour guide dealing with his own personal mental problems.

All seems well until strange things start happening and no one can figure out why things went from fine to well…insane. Full of twists and turns, this story follows all involved through one shock to the next, all just trying to escape with their lives and sanity. Each is forced to confront their own personal demons and the misery they carry with them from the memories that have scarred them the most.

I really, really wanted to LOVE this book. The plot and story line are unlike anything I have ever read so naturally I was really excited to crack it open. Problem is, even though it was really thought inducing and one of those stories that have you on the edge of your seat trying to figure it out, it just wasn’t what it could be. I feel like the author put a lot of effort in making sure he built the characters up and made them real, I just wish the rest of the story was written with as much zeal with as much detail. There were a few things in this story that just didn’t flow. Certain deaths were kind of out of nowhere and you really don’t know why or how they happened. Certain people didn’t die when you thought they did, and some were spared with no real explanation why. The imagery used is done well but with just a little more explanation this book could be a real stunner.

I think this book is worth the read but don’t expect it to be a life changer. The potential this book holds really speaks to the creativity and imagination the author . I am interested to see what else he has in store for us.

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Disclaimer: I obtained an advanced reader copy in exchange for a honest review via NetGalley. Thank you so much Edward Lorn and Red Adept Publishing, LLC !