There is nothing more frustrating than reading a book and really getting into it, only to have it end without explanation. This creates the urge to obsessively search for the next installment for days on end. I get it. It’s all about supply and demand. You’ve got it and oh man..we want it. But finding out there isn’t one? Not cool man. Want to know what is even worse than that? When you have a projected date or year for the next one.. and that date passes…leaving you alone, cold and hungry for the brain food that you aren’t getting. I’m starving over here people. So this is my plea of sorts to all you authors out there holding on to the goods.. it is time for you to put out! ( seriously though.. the wait is killing me.)

I need you creative people to get your engines running again, grease your wheels, shake off the dust, get a move on…whatever and get me the next book! I am LE TIRED of waiting. How dare you tempt me with your wicked plot twists, unrequited then not so unrequited love connections and characters that go missing and then bounce!

Calling all you book fiends out there! Post up your favorite book series you are not so patiently waiting for and let those authors know we haven’t forgotten them! That we still lust after their emotion inducing wordgasms and we still haven’t stopped loving our favorite characters from a far. I am posting the subjects of my overly anxious google searches…don’t be afraid to post yours up too! Lets encourage these people to keep doing what they do best. And hey.. this helps everyone else see some obsession worthy reads! ( mine are linked, so click away my fellow Bookies…click away.) Oh and just FYI, I will be posting reviews on these books. I plan on re-reading them so I can remember everything I love so it may be a while.

Waiting on book two..
Waiting on book two..
Waiting on book two..
Waiting on book three..