I am new to the blogging world. A total noob, a noobie, a freshman, fresh paint, an underling or whatever other names you can think of. The thoughts behind this post come from the place of a reader, not a reviewer.

I understand why as a blogger the more stars given to rate a book the better. It attracts attention. I am a total star snob, I don’t really want to read a book with less than four stars. It doesn’t matter how great the explanation is in the review or how awesome certain parts are described..that star rating is what sticks out in my mind the most. Obviously other people who spent the cash and the time to read it thought it sorta sucked so why waste my time?

That right there is why I wish we wouldn’t classify a book with a simple one through five stars. I can’t imagine being an author and spending my life pouring myself into the pages of something, only to have some random crank give it two stars because they didn’t like the way it ended. Or they did like the way you referenced this or that. Or they didn’t like how the flowers were described. That person could have a great reason for a giving the book a poor rating or they could just be mad because their dad didn’t let them go play laser tag with their friends so they decided to go nerd rage on their keyboard and dump on some poor author and what might be the best thing they have ever accomplished.

I am so guilty of judging a book by the number of stars it has and if there was some way I could re-wire my brain to ignore them I would. But I can’t. I feel like I miss out on a lot of good books because I already have a predisposed level of disappointment before I even crack them open.  No one wants to spend money on something that disappoints but awful to me maybe isn’t so awful for you. You might even enjoy it.

Just in case I am not making any sense let me explain it like this. My husband and I always fall in love with a TV series and then it gets cancelled. It happens all the time. It is a running joke in my house. If we find a show we like, we don’t get attached because we know it won’t last long.  A few examples: Lie To Me, Almost Human, Rookie Blue, Firefly, Backstrom.. I mean the list goes on and on.I get that the general public doesn’t like the show but two people who aren’t even big TV watchers ( my husband and I) actually stop what they are doing and make time to watch. That’s a rare occurrence in my house.If I had based my preferences on how many people tuned in and liked the TV show I would have completely missed out on all my favorites.

I am in no way saying that people who use the star ratings are doing some unspeakable crime. I use them and everyone else does as well because that is the only way to rate on websites where you are able to purchase the actual literature. Using that format is what publishers, authors and other readers expect. I get it. I do it. I don’t have to love it though. Here on my blog I try to let people figure out for themselves if a book is for them. That’s why I don’t give a star rating here with my reviews. Every other site I use I do because it is expected. Writing is an art form, each book no matter how quirky, poorly edited, awkward, blatantly rushed or whatever is someone’s expression of themselves. It is unsettling to think about but if someone looked at your life and decided to sum up your worth in a similar way..what would your rating be?