A change is coming! Over the past few weeks I have had some friends and people I look to for advice read my blog and critique my posts. I am going to adjust the way I write my reviews to include a few additional things that would be helpful to the reader and also would allow for a quick reference just in case you don’t have time to read the full review. As I was so lovingly told, I tend to be long winded and ‘ain’t nobody got time to read a book about a book’. Without compromising my goal of putting down in writing what I love about each book, I will be adding a short summary of key things that people are looking for in a review and my favorite quotes.

I am re-reading my favorite books in order to better review them so be expecting several reviews in the next few days. I try to avoid using stars as a form of rating on my blog ( see my up and coming post on why) but I will make sure to clearly state recommendations. I will also edit my existing posts as well.