Genre: paranormal romance

Age: 18+( grown and sexy only)

Recommendation: absolutely recommend!

Type: multi-book series, one to be released

Summary: I love this book and I love this series. A must read for paranormal romance lovers. Jeaniene Frost is a goddess. + passion + action +fully developed characters +awesome plot- it is an all around great read.


Spinning off from her wildly successful, New York Times bestselling Night Huntress novels featuring vampire soulmates Cat and Bones, Jeaniene Frost kicks off the thrilling new Night Prince series with Once Burned. Vlad Tepesh, the ruthless master vampire and inspiration for Bram Stoker’s dark legend (but don’t dare call him Dracula) encounters a mortal woman with unimaginable power… including the ability to enflame his cold heart. Paranormal romance and urban fantasy fans who hunger for the novels of Kim Harrison, Christine Feehan, and Charlaine Harris are going to love The Night Prince and this dark and steamy tale of supernatural attraction.


“Being a member of a circus sideshow wasn’t what I’d  dreamed of doing when I was a kid, but that was before I started frying the circuits of every electrical device I touched, not to mention shocking people by casual contact.”

Full Review:

Once Burned is the first of four novels in the Night Prince series by Jeaniene Frost. Let me start by saying that this is one of the best vampire romance series that I have gotten my hands on. I have read all three of the released books and I am waiting ever so impatiently for the fourth. Seriously..come on with it!

The series follows Leila Dalton, a girl who has spent her life being different. After suffering a childhood accident, she acquired a special set of abilities and a wicked looking scar that have earned her the nickname Frankie. While working as a carnie, Leila is taken by a group of vampire assassins with the aim of using her skill set to obtain the whereabouts of a powerful enemy. While under duress she is forced to use her abilities and encounters Vlad, the vampire they seek but things don’t go the way her captors had planned. Through a series of events even she couldn’t expect, Leila finds herself a guest in his compound and the two of them combine their efforts to keep her safe and find out who is behind the attempts on his life.

Enter Vlad. He is mysteriously scary, ridiculously strong and not one to mess with. Vlad stands in as Leila’s protector whether she likes it or not. He controls his people by using torture and fear to keep them in line and Leila finds herself feeling a mixture of apprehension, fear and of course..intense attraction.

“Very slowly he turned his head. When those burnished copper eyes seemed to land on me, I fought my instinct to drop the link and run like hell.”

“‘Oh it’s too late for you to run,’ he said coldly.”

This series gives you wicked action, intense romance and a hilariously sarcastic banter that brought a smile to my face and made me laugh out loud enough times for my husband to look at me crazy. Jeaniene Frost is a magician when it comes to writing. This series is a must read for those that like romance, vampires, a BA male lead and a female lead that is a force to be reckoned with. Definitely for the grown and sexy!

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