So every shift I work in the Emergency Department I ask people what they like to read. Whether I am trying to distract them from the fact I am about to stick a two inch needle in the crack of their arm or I am trying to get their mind off the finger that is going to have to go in one or more of their orifices, I attempt to draw their attention to something they love to get them through.One of the advantages of working in a place that triages and cares for about 350 people every 24 hours is that I am exposed to all kind of crazy,sick, happy, sad, pissed, high, drunk etc. Many of my fellow nurses, docs and medics have healthy reading obsessions as well so I have decided to start posting suggestions that I have compiled weekly from others. I have not read most of these, so this helps me remember and gives you possible new reads as well. See? It is a win-win situation!

I will post links so you can easily locate and read about them.

Jack Daws
The First Patient


The Nightingale
The Hollow
Kiss of Midnight
The Last Girl