Genre: paranormal romance

Recommendation: yes, especially to those that enjoy Greek mythology mixed in with their romance.

Age: 18+ ( sexual content and situations)

Summary: This was a fun read! I enjoyed it and will most likely pick up the second book when it comes out. There was a lot going on but you are able to keep up fairly easy.+ interesting romance + original plot line + action +no love triangle -cliffhanger positive +alpha male +determined heroine


Half-demon, half-goddess, Jade’s fate makes her a pawn in an epic battle among the gods. Hidden on Earth with her sisters, she successfully avoids the Oneiroi—the dream gods—bent on her destruction until the prophecy, long dormant, awakens a dark shadow within her.

Roen, a reclusive Worr demon known for his battles against the Oneiroi, is called to protect Jade. Together they must unlock their mysterious connection and find a way to beat back destiny. Can she outsmart the prophecy, change her fate, and find love—even when she learns who is connected to her destruction?

Favorite Quote:

“Her image seared itself into his brain, just as it had in the cavern. Underneath the stench of death, the faint perfume of her essence drew him like a drug”

Full Review:

Hidden by Amy Mckinley is the first book released in a up and coming series called Five Fates. The focus of this book is on the first of five sisters, Jade. The basics of this book are presented early on which helps tremendously because there is all kinds of action going on.

Jade and her sisters are half demon and half goddess ( apparently this is pretty rare). The world that these characters live is one of Ancient Greek gods and goddesses and the Fates have once again been characterized as bitter old hags that constantly rummage around in peoples lives.

Due to their parents and the potential power they will eventually develop, all five sisters have been hiding since birth to escape a group of dream gods that search to hunt and kill them. Seriously, the way these guys work is pretty scary. The idea that someone uses your unconscious state to locate and then torture and murder you is uncomfortable to say the least. A curse placed on them by the Fates calls for them to transition into  evil, pretty much unstoppable killing machines once the curse reaches maturity unless they can find their ” balance”. Oh super fun right? Lets curse you and leave you a riddle ( literally) to use to figure out how to stop yourself from killing everyone you love and everyone else around you.

Jade and her sisters are hidden well but are running out of time to solve the riddle before the worst happens and they start to change. In an attempt to find some answers, Jade sets out to find an illusive and forgotten clan of warrior demons that she believes can help protect her from the Oneiroi ( the dream gods). One such warrior, Roen, is led into Jade’s life and it is forever changed. The chemistry between these two is pretty intense. Roen is definitely an Alpha male ( we all know I love a good Alpha) and Jade isn’t too much of a damsel in distress.

“What we faced was life altering. You’re incredible, strong, and everything I could hope for.”

There were scenes that really sucked me in head first. The loss that exists in this book is pretty heart wrenching and the violence described that the characters experience is so unfair at times you have to wonder if they are ever going to catch a break. There is no cliffhanger when it comes to Roen and Jade but there is room left in the story that promises more books to come. The book leaves all five of the sisters fates open and it leads us to believe each book will follow a different sister. The writing was really smooth and for being so busy the story flowed well.

I would recommend to 18+ . I don’t really feel like the wait for the next installment will be a painful one, this story gave you just enough to where you aren’t going to go through a nervous breakdown waiting but you still will find yourself searching for the release date more than once.

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Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley. Thank you so much to Amy McKinley and Champagne Books for the opportunity to meet Jade and Roen.