Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Age: 18+

Recommendation: Yes, so yes.

Type: Series

Summary: +Sexy/strong heroine +interesting plot +all books released +good action +sexy but not completely romance driven

Favorite Quote:

“You’re Sabina Kane.” He filled out his leather pants nicely, and would have been hot if he hadn’t looked like he wanted to spit at me.

“In the flesh”. I took a slow sip from the pint.

He leaned in, crowding my space.

“You killed my brother”

I turned slowly and looked up at him. ” And? I’ve killed a lot of people’s brothers.”


It is that time again! Now I am fully aware that I will at times include an individual review for each book in a series. This becomes difficult when there are more than three books. I am hoping that by using this platform verses a standard review that I can still accomplish my goal of explaining how much I love each one I highlight. If the series is featured on a Series Spotlight, you can assume it is totally worth trying out.

This series is for those of you like like a tough and rowdy lead female that takes NO CRAP and knows how to handle her business. Sabina Kane is our leading lady in this series and she definitely likes to color outside the lines. Red-Headed Stepchild is the first installment in a fantasy series by Jaye Wells called the Sabina Kane Series.  All five books follow the same characters so this is not one of those where you fall in love with the first book and then every book after follows different people. Nope this is all Sabina, all day long.

The word that I think of when I try to describe Sabina is ROUGH. She is a mix raced assassin caught between a rock and a hard place. She has spent her life being hated by the vampires ( not only is she mixed with mage blood, a race they all hate, she looks different as a result so she cannot hide her ancestry), her grandmother is the head of the coven and can’t stand the sight of her. Despite her royal blood she is treated like a second class citizen but her skill set is so fierce they have no choice but to use her.

“Her mercurial attitude set my teeth on edge. One minute she treat my mixed blood like a shameful secret, the next she wanted me to use it to manipulate someone.”

As a result of her experience she has a heavy attitude problem and tends to blow things up vs. hugging it out. Her latest mission brings her into some seriously dangerous and unsettling situations and she has no choice but to do what she is told ( her grandmother is a complete psycho hose beast). During this time her eyes are opened and she learns things may not be as they seem . She is introduced into the mage side of things and this leaves her wondering exactly where she really does belong.

This book is full of action, sarcasm, witty retorts and a little taste of romance to come. You meet some absolutely hilarious characters and Sabina herself is super charismatic. There isn’t a whole lot of romance in this book because Sabina has a tough shell to crack but if you give into the book and read the rest of the series there is plenty of stuff to satisfy your secret love for all things naughty. I would suggest it for 18+ as there is language, violence and stuff of a sexual nature. If you are looking for a fast paced series where ALL the books are out and you don’t have to WAIT this one is one to consider.

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