I have been really trying to stay true to my mission on this blog and that is to categorize and record my thoughts about each book I read and to make sure I give each book its due credit instead of just rambling on for the sake of putting it in writing. However, I just have to tell you I can’t help but laugh the reactions of my friends and co-workers when they realize exactly HOW MUCH I read and how much I LOVE it.

People that aren’t book obsessed just don’t get it. Luckily my husband is about as in love with hockey and home repair as I am with reading. I get some sick pleasure from spending hours searching and making lists of all the new books I want to read. No I don’t want to go out to a bar. I want to hang out with my kid until bedtime and the husband until he wants his guy time and I can crawl into my bed with freshly shaven legs and throw down on the word noms.

I have tried to explain the feels a good book will give you and people that have not found their reading happy place just don’t seem to understand. At times, even though this is a bit pervy, I compare a good book to a hot guy ( or girl). You know, you’re bored out of your mind until you find the right one… then you just can’t wait to get into them ( or under..whatever). Am I the only person that feels like this? Does anyone else nerd out and wait for the release of the next book in a series ( the most frustrating feeling ever) only to grow more and more pissed it is taking FOREVER for it to come out? I am STILL waiting on Ocean of Stars by Belle Malory.

I feel like as an avid reader, there are so many creative people in the world that I just want to tap into all of them and hear their point of view. A skilled writer can take the same story line that has been done over and over and use it again with different characters with just a few plot changes and it gets me involved all over again.  What do you guys think? Do you get super excited to read a book based off the author alone?

I just finished a two day stretch at work  so I am about to put it down on the book I started today. After my last adventure into Hell ( see my review for The Pit) I need something light and sexy so I will post a review as soon as I am finished.

PS. Bless whoever invented the e-reader, pretty sure my husband would divorce me if I had to purchase a paper copy of every book I read. My house would look like something out of the TV show Hoarders…