Genre: Romance

Age: 18+

Recommendation: Yes, this book is a good choice if you are looking for something light, sexy and satisfying, granted you will have to read all three to get that satisfaction!

Type: Series

Summary: + great chemistry -cliffhanger that requires you to read all three +descriptive +funny dialogue

Full Review:

Oh how I love a good love story! The Hawaiian Heartbreak series is a small dose of light and airy love that will get you through your week on a high note. This is a three book series as of right now although I think more may be in the works. The books follow Kayla, a twenty something new college grad who is embarking on her first journey on her own. Still feeling the sting after getting pretty much dissed and dismissed by her longtime boyfriend, she decided to go to Hawaii by herself and experience life free of work and drama for a few weeks. This is a big deal in her world, Kayla lives in New Zealand so this is quite the trip.

The scenery is beautifully described and you get a really clean feel from the way the lead character observes the world around her. This series, written in three short and sweet installments, focuses on the building relationship between Kayla and a delicious American tour guide she meets during her stay. He is more than willing to show her a good time. Don’t get me wrong, Jay is not your typical weekend hoe bag that charms and disarms every naive tourist that comes his way. This character has depth. Not too much to distract from the very comfortable simplicity this book provides you with though.

This is something you will want to read when you don’t want to worry or have anxiety trying to figure out what is happening and what to expect next. This is relaxed, sweet and keeps your interest in exactly the way a good love story does. One without major drama where you aren’t going to cry your eyes out and then snip at your significant other for no good reason other than your main character got screwed over by a piss poor excuse for a human being and your feelings are hurt FOR HER. Nope, this one in true island style lets you sit back and just enjoy the chemistry going on.

Don’t worry, this is full of plenty of steamy scenes that will leave you wondering how these two characters have enough energy to eat, walk and breathe after they are finished. It is well written and not over the top corny like some romance novels get.

I would recommend this book to anyone that just wants an easy, fun read that won’t take forever to finish and won’t leave you hating the male race in between books. Definitely for 18+ and for the grown and sexy .


I received an ARC from this author in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you to Libby Cole for introducing me to Jay and Kayla. All this talk of Hawaii makes me want some Macadamia Nuts..


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