I have fallen in love with so many books that it would be impossible to write about each of them the way I want to. OK well, I probably could but I would be old AF before I finished. In order to give the love due to my favorites I am going to post a ” Series Spotlight” weekly and briefly introduce the books in a series that I love. Some of them have been out for a while but if you are like me, the desire to explore the pages of a good read is not influenced by the date it was published or if it was optioned for the big screen. (The movies usually blow anyways.)

The “Lux” series by Jennifer Armentrout is this weeks focus.

The series begins with the first installment “Obsidian”. This series contains possibly the most frustratingly hot and semi-douche nozzle of a book boyfriend there ever was. He is reluctantly sweet, strong and he definitely keeps you interested. You spend a majority of your time confused as to whether or not you want to make out with him or run him over with your car.I love him. I just can’t help it. What I also LOVE about this story is how the female lead doesn’t just roll over and take the crap thrown at her. She is feisty and strong willed. The book follows Katy “Kat” Swartz. Her and her mother moved from Florida into the middle of nowhere to start over after her father passed away. The first person she meets in her Podunk town is her oober hot but completely unattainable ass-hat of a neighbor Daemon Black.

This book was love at first site for me when I was introduced to the dialogue between Daemon and Katy. He is so condescending and rude you feel for her. But you can totally relate to the fact that the guy is so hot you are momentarily awe struck until he ever so gently opens his mouth and ruins it for you. The phrase ” you are so much prettier when you don’t talk” really represents my feelings toward Daemon for most of the five books that encompass this story.

Long story short Daemon and his sister Dee are a part of an alien race known as the Luxen. They manipulate light and happen to be totally BA. I am not one for spoilers so I will not go into what happens anymore than the teaser you get on the book cover. Katy manages to accidentally stumble upon Daemon and his sisters abilities and eventually he does something so big even he can’t deny it. Suddenly, Katy isn’t crazy and her life just got a whole lot more interesting. Enter the action, as it so happens the Luxen have an enemy, another alien race hidden on Earth referred to as the Arum. Instead of light they manipulate the shadows and their favorite pass time is to suck the life out of the Luxen. Turns out when Daemon displayed his powers around Katy, his energy marked her making her very visible to the Arum and any other Luxen within a ten mile radius. Although it was completely unintentional. Daemon painted a huge target on her back and now feels responsible for making sure she doesn’t bite the dust.

There is a good combination of action, unrequited love, sexual tension, and teenage angst. I read all five books back to back and experienced a kind of sadness when it was all over. Before you judge this book based on the idea of aliens living among us that just happen to be smoking hot give this a chance. I myself had seen the cover of Obsidian and dismissed it thinking ” oh great, another hot alien meets his slightly damaged and completely average neighbor and a love connection begins”. But then I read a different series by Armentrout and fell in book lust with the way she weaves her magic. This book made me really connect with Kat and so did all four books that followed. The way that Armentrout writes is a combination of how you would talk to your friends during a girls night over wine and the inner-monologues you have when you are thinking the things you wish you could yell out at the people around you. I laughed, I cringed and there were even a few moments that almost ruined my daily quest to sound like the nice southern lady I was raised to be.

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