Genre: Romance

Age: 18+

Recommendation: Yes, this is such a good love story.

Type: Series, this is book one through four, there are a lot more.

Summary: +charismatic female lead + sexy male lead +perfect setting -/+ unique reaction to tough situations by Sunny +great writing


Can Sunny O’Hara tame bad boy Sven and will they ever find happiness together despite their turbulent pasts?
In Book 1 Sunny O’Hara young, pretty, and terribly innocent returns to her childhood home of St. Barts, an idyllic island in the West Indies. She meets Sven Larson, a Swedish movie star with a bad reputation for breaking women’s hearts. Of course she falls in love with him and begins a journey of emotional and physical discovery. But has Sven really changed? Can a good woman redeem a very bad boy?

In Book 2 Sunny’s happiness with Sven is threatened by a dangerous stalker.

In Book 3 Sunny and Sven’s are in Los Angeles where the actor is working on a new movie. Sunny is at loose ends, trying to fit into his life but also establish one of her own. Then something happens which will change everything.

In Book 4 Sven’s writing Sunny love letters from Europe where he’s working on a new movie. But two events will shatter her dreams in the most compelling St. Barts book yet. This time there may be no way back for Sunny and Sven.

Full Review:

As of late, I have been reading a lot of young adult fiction and paranormal books. I decided to switch it up for something more designed for the grown and sexy. This book series is fabulous. There are moments where I seriously rolled my eyes at the female lead thinking no woman in her right mind would be so understanding. I wanted to thump the male lead in the forehead for all his bone head thoughts and the way he rationalized his actions. I found myself very involved in this series. I knew in all reality where it was going but it was so well written I didn’t mind a bit. This series is focused around two main characters but isn’t just written solely from their point of view. Many of the characters in this book get their own voice and unlike many books with similar intent, it was clear as day. I never found myself confused as to who was speaking. The writing was fluid and full of sensory detail that was not only imaginative but realistic.

The female lead, Sunny, is a girl who has lived an oober sheltered life and has returned to her roots after her only family , her father, has passed. She has lived a very culturally enriched life and experienced much of the world but is still super naive and innocent when it comes to interpersonal relationships, men and of course…ding ding The male lead in this book is a movie star who goes by the name Sven. The typical Nordic god looking Norwegian sex pot that is coming up in age and still looking for his big break. They meet while he is there filming a movie ( I know what you’re thinking…so typical right?) Wrong. This was not insta-love and the characters in this book were level headed. Where some might find the amount of understanding that our female lead portrays unrealistic, I find it makes her more of an individual because she doesn’t approach life with the typical ‘hurt me and I’ll bleach your clothes and throw hot grease on you’ reaction many of us have. (I myself have had many moments I have had to seriously talk myself down from a brick through a car windshield rampage).

I read the first four books and I can say that a lot of the more annoying things you face when you read a series aren’t present. The author doesn’t make you beg to find out whats happening between the two leads but she doesn’t just hand it over either. Both characters have their own lives which makes it more believable to an extent.

I would recommend this book for someone wanting a more lengthy rendezvous into a different life and isn’t offended by frequent mention of sex, detailed but not skeevy sex scenes and language. Also, the more stressful/scary situations in the second book are pretty intense and creepy. Like cringe worthy almost. Definitely for over 18 but not your typical middle aged romance novel crowd only. This story is both youthful and mature.

Disclaimer: I received an ARC from NetGalley in return for an honest review. My thoughts are my thoughts and are not biased. The only way to buy my love is with puppies, cheese and coffee. Thank you to Emme Cross and Joffe Book for the chance to follow around Sven and Sunny. It was SO a vacation.


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